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Department of Geography – Related Courses in Other Departments

The courses listed below appear to fit well with various paths of study within the Geography major. These courses are recommended but do not count towards the Geography major. Generally it’s a good idea to consult with Geography faculty before registering for these courses since they may know the instructor, the department, the course organization, approach and subject matter quite well, and be able to guide you (and prevent you from taking the wrong courses)! Some of these courses are part of a course sequence in other departments. In such cases, you’ll need to plan at least one quarter ahead in order to take the prerequisite courses. Not all upper-division courses have such prerequisites, however. Please read the UW General Catalog for a description of prerequisites. Although some courses are closed to non-majors, Geography advisers will happily write a letter stating the course is necessary to complete you major. Such letters ordinarily will get you an add code.

Cities, Citizenship and Migration

AFRAM 315 Black Identities and Political Power
AES 322 Gender, Race, and Class in Social Stratification
AAS 210 Asian-American Identity
AAS 250 Asian American Oral History
AAS 380 Asian-American Communities, Social Problems
CHSTU 260 Introduction to Chicano Politics
AIS 202 Intro to Contemp. Exp. In Indian America
AIS 240 Native North American Women
AIS 425 Indians in W. Washington History
AIS 441 Gender in Native Am. Societies
AIS 475A Tribal Revitalization in the Pacific NW
AIS 475B Indian Resistance Movements
ANTH 423 Traffic Across Cultural Boundaries
ANTH 449 Social Transformation of Modern E. Asia
COM 306 Media, Society, and Political Identity
COM 407 Communication Technology and Politics
COM 443 Indigenous Film Sovereign Visions
CHID 250A Writing and Reading the City
CHID 433 Disability Law and Policy
GWSS 200 Intro to Women Studies
GWSS 206 Philosophy of Feminism
GWSS 310 Women and the Law
GWSS 451 Latina Culture
GWSS 486 Beyond the Binaries
JSIS 498A Immigrant Identities and Politics
JSIS A 324 Human Rights in Latin America
JSIS A 465 International Humanitarian Law
LSJ 322 Human Rights in Latin America
LSJ 381 Issues in Rights
LSJ 433 Disability Law and Policy
PHL 206 Philosophy of Feminism
POL S 212 Philosophy of Feminism
POL S 315 Black Identity and Political Power
SOC 401C Urban Sociology
CEP 303 Social Structures and Processes
URBDP 470 Intro to Urban Design

Globalization, Health and Development

ANTH 313 Peoples of Africa
ANTH 318 Peoples of the Islamic Middle East
ANTH 305 Anthropology of the Body
ANTH 374 Narrative, Lit, and Medical Anthro
ANTH 412 South Asian Social Structure
ANTH 415 Anthropology and International Health
ANTH 474 Social Difference and Medical Knowledge
ANTH 479 Health in Latin America
BIO A 355 Evolutionary Medicine
BIO A 382 Human Population Biology
BIO A 450 Biodemography Seminar
BIO A 476 Sociocultural Ecology and Health
BIOL 466 Pathobiology of Emerging Diseases
CHID 433 Disability Law and Policy
ECON 448 Population and Development
ECON 471 International Trade
ECON 491 Issues in Economic Development
GWSS 496 Global Feminisms
HIST 388E Understanding Empire and Colonialism
HIST 485 Comparative Colonialism
JSIS 478A Borderlands of Western Civilization
JSIS 478 D Global Mental Health
JSIS 481 African Political Economy
JSIS 484B The US in Asia and a Globalized World
JSIS 498B Global Health and Pilanthrocapitalism
JSIS A 244 Imperialism and Anti-Colonialism in Asia
JSIS B 331 Political Economy of Development
LSJ 322 Human Rights in Latin America
LSJ 469 Law and Development in E. Asia
PHL 242 Medical Ethics
POL S 201 Intro to Political Theory
POL S 203 Intro to International Relations
POL S 204 Intro to Comparative Politics
POL S 321 American Foreign Policy
POL S 469 Law and Development in E Asia
G H 403 Multidisciplinary Global Health

Environment, Economy and Sustainability

CHSTU 354 Unions, Labor & Rights in Pacific NW
AIS 475C Business in the Arctic
BIO A 201 Principles of Biological Anthropology
BIOL 433 Marine Ecology
BIOL 487 Seminar in Conservation Biology
CHID 480G Food for Thought
ECON 200 Intro to Microeconomics
ECON 201 Intro to Macroeconomics
ECON 235 Intro to Environmental Economics
ECON 403 Economics of Property Rights
ECON 435 Natural Resource Economics
ECON 436 Environmental Economics
ECON 448 Population and Development
JSIS 478B Geopolitics of Oil
JSIS 481 African Political Economy
JSIS 488 Political Economy of the EU
JSIS 498E Industrialization and its Discontents
JSIS A 303 Environmental History of S. Asia
JSIS B 331 Political Economy of Development
JSIS B 476 Comparative Int’l Political Economy
LSJ 469 Law and Development in E. Asia
MATH 112 Business and Economic Calculus
PHL 243 Medical Ethics
PHL 416 Ethics and Climate Change
PHL 482 Philosophy of Physical Science
POL S 270 Intro to Political Economy
POL S 322 Political Economy of Latin America
POL S 333A Political Ecol of the World Food System
POL S 417 Political Economy of India
SOC 360 Intro to Social Stratification
SOC 401A The New Inequality
SOC 401B Extreme Markets
ARCH 331 Energy and Environmental Decisions
L ARCH 303 Ecological Systems Studio
L ARCH 363 Ecological Design and Planning
FISH 330 Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems
ATM S 321 Science of Climate
ENVIR 480 Sustainability Studio

GIS, Mapping and Society

CSE 142 Computer Programming I
CSE 143 Computer Programming II
CSE 154 Web Programming
CSE 311 Foundations in Computing I
HIST 388A Space for Science
JSIS B 216 Science and Society
LSJ 200 Intro to Law, Society, and Justice
PHL 160 Perspectives on Science
PHL 460 Philosophy of Science
POL S 410 Technology and Politics
POL S 451 Communication Tech and Politics
STAT 391 Probability and Stats for Computer Science
HCDE 419 Concepts in Human Centered Design
HCDE 437 Web Design and Publishing
ESS 418 Geoscience Communication
ESS 420 Intro to Geological GIS
ESS 421 Intro to Remote Sensing
ESRM 250 Intro to GIS
Q SCI 190 Quantitative Analysis for Env Science
Q SCI 210 Intro to Environmental Modeling
INFO 344 Web Tools and Development
INFO 424 Info Visualization and Aesthetics
INFO 431 Metadata Design
INFO 450 Information Ethics and Policy


CS&SS 221 Statistics for Social Scientists
COM 220 Intro to Public Speaking
COM 382 Approaches to Communication Research
PHL 240 Intro to Ethics
PHL 350 Intro to Epistemology
SOC 221 Statistics for Social Science
SOC 300 Foundations of Social Inquiry
STAT 220 Basic Statistics
STAT 221 Statistics for Social Science
STAT 311 Elements of Statistical Methods