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Useful Departmental & UW Forms and Links

For Faculty & TAs

Reimbursement for Non-Travel Request Form (Excel)

Perjury Statement Form (MS Word)

Perjury Statement Form (PDF)

Pre-Travel Approval Form for UW Travelers (MS Word)

Pre-Travel Approval Form for UW Travelers (PDF)

Faculty Summer 2015 Pay Request (MS Word)

Admission to Post Masters Status (MS Word)

Teaching Assistant Job Description (Fillable PDF)

Geog Dept. Form For Observing TAs

Geog Dept. Technology Policy and Practices

Geog Dept. Printing Policy

Faculty form for evaluating colleagues

2014-15 UW Academic Calendar

Classroom inventories & schematics

Classroom Support Services

Curriculum forms for new courses and course change applications

curriculum policies & procedures overview, College of Arts & Sciences

Curriculum–our current active curriculum, arranged numerically (change the quarter at the end of the url,  as needed)

Curriculum deadlines

General Assignment Classroom Characteristics

Course Evaluation Forms–Office of Educational Assessment

Quarterly Appointment/Hire Request 2015-2016

Faculty Yearly Activity Report

Grades–electronic grade filing, changes of grade,  changing grading options, are all available via the Registrar’s Staff/Faculty website . See the “Web Grading FAQ” on the left-hand side for links to Catalyst Grade Submission Site, which you will need to log into. Also see the tab “Changing A Student’s Grade”.

Catalyst GradePage site. (uwnetid required)

Changing a student’s grade.

FROG-Faculty Resources On Grading (including grading practices & policies and a section on academic misconduct)

Graduate School Policies and Procedures

Textbook & desk copy ordering forms

Time Schedule--current and future Geography courses

“W” course criteria (scroll to end of page)

For Students

2014-15  UW Academic Calendar

one-stop shopping for almost all student forms, through the Registrar’s Office

Graduate School Policies and Procedures