Graduate Students

Kidan Araya
BA, International Relations; Environmental Studies, Beloit College
Geography of food; interconnectedness of race, space, and food; environmental justice; community-based resource management; forest policy

Mike Babb
BA Geography, Washington 2005
MA Geography, Washington 2009
population geography, quantitative methods, GIS, and political geography

Julian Barr
BA History, Lindenwood University, 2012
MS Geography, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2014
Geography of sexuality with a focus on urban space, feminist geography, geography of food, and issues of social justice within human geography

Eloho E. Basikoro
BSc (Ed) Geography, Delta State University, Nigeria
MSc Geography and Regional Planning, University of Benin, Nigeria
MSc Geography, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
geographies of health and infectious diseases, feminist political ecology, global health, global warming, environmental management and assessment

William Buckingham
BA International Studies, American University, 1998
MA China Studies, Washington, 2005
urban geography, urbanization, international development, social justice, Chinese cities

Ryan Burns
BA Geography, Eastern Kentucky University, 2006
MS Geography (GIScience), San Diego State University, 2009
Geoweb, urban geographies, science & technology studies, humanitarianism and emergency management, geovisualization/information vis., public policy and public scholarship, and everything else.

Megan Brown
BA, Wesleyan University, 2004
MPP, Johns Hopkins University, 2009
Labor and labor unions, urban geographies, & feminist geographies.

Andrew Childs
BA English, Florida State University 2000
MA American and Florida Studies, Florida State University 2008
Cultural, health, and political geography. Geographies of masculinities, sexuality, critical social theory, performances of gender and sexuality and how those performances relate to the neoliberal state.

Srinivas Chokkakula
B Tech in Civil Engineering, Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Warangal
M Tech in Environmental Planning, CEPT University, Ahmedabad
MA in Geography, University of Miami, Miami
Interests: Development studies, political ecology, transboundary resource conflicts, natural resource management, city and regional planning and governance in India, disaster response and reconstruction

Kristy Copeland
B.A., Sociology and Public Policy, UCLA;
Masters, Urban Spatial Analytics, University of Pennsylvania
geopolitics of migration, feminist care ethics, alliances across difference, U.S. immigration reform movements

Christopher R. Cox
BA Political Science, Sonoma State University
MS Political Science, Portland State University.
Research interests: historical geography of industrialization, the human/nature divide, Marxist geography of historical capitalism, ecological futurism. Analytical frameworks: world-ecology, transcendental/ontological realism, world-systems analysis, critical world-history

Austin Crane
BA, Economics & Russian, South Carolina
MA, Geography, University of Kentucky
Interests: Political geographies of humanitarianism, migration and borders; critical development studies; neoliberal geopolitics; security and insecurity; EU Neighbourhood Policy; Ukraine

Michelle Daigle
BA Sociology, Queens University
MA Indigenous Governance, University of Victoria
Indigenous governance and self-determination, critical food studies, food sovereignty, Indigenous dispossession, Indigenous geographies of decolonization and resistance, cultural and political geographies of place-making,  cultural regeneration

Lauren Drakopulos
BA, Anthropology; MS, Environmental Science and Policy, University of South Florida St. Petersburg.
My current research interests are centered in geographies of resistance, specifically exploring the relationships between identity, activism, participation and place; feminist geography; alternative food movements; labor solidarity movements; and critical food studies.

Josef Eckert
BA Sociology, Humboldt State University, 2008
MA Geography, Washington, 2010
Geoweb, GIS, “big data”, science and technology studies, social media, social movement theories, urban geography

Mónica Farías
BA, Geography, University of Buenos Aires, 2008
MA, Geography, University of Washington, 2011
Class formation, urban inequalities, social movements, everyday cultural practice, Argentina.

Lila Garcia
BA, International Affairs, History, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2008
digital geographies, social media, contentious politics, gender/identity
Kathryn Gillespie
BA, Creative Writing/Political Science, 2006
MA, Geography, University of Washington, 2010
animal geographies, politics/ethics of food and agriculture, nature/society, political geography

Elyse Gordon
BA, Geography, Macalester College, 2008
MA, University of Washington, 2012
Urban inequalities, political subjectivities, critical poverty studies, nonprofits, social justice philanthropy, public scholarship, qualitative methods

Tiffany Grobelski
BA, Environmental Sciences, Northwestern University, 2006
MA, Geography, University of Washington, 2010
environmental politics and governance, First World political ecology, transnational environmental activism, the European Union, Poland                     website

Meredith Krueger
BA, Economics and Geography, The Ohio State University
property law & intersections of law & political economy, feminist political economy, critical race theory, role of political economic theory in social movements

Chris Lizotte
BA Geography and Architectural Studies, Middlebury College, 2007
MA Geography, University of Washington, 2012
Geographies of education; geographic education; philanthropy and school reform, globalization and neoliberalism, political identity formation, language and nationalism, political geography

Key MacFarlane
BA, English & Philosophy, Colgate
Neo-liberal usurpation of globalization discourse; geographies of resistance; education; social reproduction and the formation of the neoliberal subject

Jeff Masse
Moral politics of food aid and political ecology of dietary transition in the Karnali region, Nepal

Jesse McClelland
MA, International Human Rights Law American University in Cairo, 2008
BA, Philosophy Grinnell College, 2001
Property regimes, urban governance, development geographies, socio-legal studies, class, Ethiopia

Will McKeithen
BS Culture and Politics, Georgetown University, 2011
animal geographies, nature/society, queer theory, gendered discourses of animal care, political economy of nature conservation

Skye Naslund
BA Geography and International Relations, SUNY Geneseo 2009
MA Geography, University of Washington 2012
geography of health and disease, geographic imaginaries, production of knowledge, parasites, infectious disease ecology, posthumanism

Philip Neel
BA, Writing, Northland College
Geographies of rebellion, insurrection, and revolution; economic geography of China and Southeast Asia

Amy Piedalue
BA Women Studies & International Studies: Asia, Washington, 2004
MA Geography, Washington, 2010
critical development studies, feminist geographies, intersectionality, gender violence, feminist methodologies and praxis, cultural and political geographies, South Asia

Jennifer Porter
BA, Geography and BS, Biological Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
MA, Geography, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Politics of gender and space; construction of private and public; feminism and feminist activism

Margaret (Magie) Ramírez
BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, UC Berkeley, 2006
MA, Geography, University of Washington, 2011
critical geographies of race; art-activist politics; transnational social movements; food justice; Chicana feminism; the Americas :: website

Andrew Romero
AAS Computer Science, Heald College, Honolulu, HI. 2003
BA Business Management, University of Alaska, Anchorage, 2011
Geographies of labor (migration, dissent, resistance, activism, rights); Global divisions of labor; workers’ control.

Emma Slager
BA, Geography & History, Calvin College
MA, Geography, Oregon
Technological change; urban governance; urban internet infrastructure; civic data generation and distribution.

Arianna Thompson
BA, Women’s Studies, Wesleyan University, 2005
MRP, Master of Regional Planning, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2012
Food systems, food justice, agriculture and natural resources, GMOs, public health, science and technology in society

Matthew Townley
BS Computer Information Systems, Park University 1999
MS Geography, Texas State 2008
Demography, quantitative methods, health

Yolanda Valencia
AA, Columbia Basing College, 2000
BA, Easter Washington University, 2002
Structural analysis of forced migration,  geographies and scales of borders and mobility, and global inequalities.
Yanning Wei
BS, Economics, Northwest University
MUP, Urban Planning, University of Louisville
Poverty-migration (children), political economy and political philosophy (China) and GIS (sustainable development)
ywei25 at

Margaret Wilson
BA, History, University of Chicago
geographies of health, development, and humanitarianism; social construction and production of illness; mental health

jason c. young
MA Geography, University of Washington, 2012
BA Geography, Miami University (Ohio), 2009
critical gis, geoweb, the arctic, critical social theory, participatory research, community and identity politics, dissent, affective/emotional geographies



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