Job-Hunting Resources

All-purpose job search sites. Strategic search terms: GIS, urban planning/planner, environmental planning/planner, location analyst, geographer, demographer, import/export, transportation planning/planner, public health, census data, SPSS, NGO.

Job-Hunting Sites

GIS Job Sites

a. GIS Jobs Clearinghouse:


c. Monster:

d. MyGISJobs:

e  http://www.


GIS Salary Information

a. Salary Survey:

b. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

c. Salary and job search by area:


UW Program On the Environment
A wide-ranging and deep list of environmental jobs and internships

UCLA’s resources for jobs and internships in international development
An excellent source for current jobs, internships and career paths in development studies & governmental and non-governmental organizations.


An outstanding source for current jobs and interships in nonprofits, social service providers, community organizations, etc.