Courses By Keyword

123 Intro to Globalization globalization, political economy, free market economics, neoliberalism, multinational corporations Aut 13
205 Intro to the Physical Environment ZumBrunnen systems, tectonics, lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere Aut 13
207 Intro to Economic Geography Beyers industry location principles, regional economic structure, interregional trade, international trade, development principles Aut 13
208 Geography of the World Economy Ellis economy, development, globalization, trade, colonialism, history Spr 14
230 Urbanization & Development: Geographies of Global Inequality Lawson global inequality, global South, colonialism, development, globalization, economic development, development processes, political economy, poverty Aut 13
236 Geography of Greater China Chan China, agriculture, industry, population, economics, globalization, Taiwan Spr 14
270 Development & Environment  Bergmann development, environment, climate, global environmental change, globalization Win 14
271 Geography of Food & Eating Jarosz culture, food, agriculture, sustainability, globalization, Win 14
276 Intro to Political Geography Brown geopolitics, nationalism, urban politics, social movements, the body  Win 14
277 Intro to Cities England economic/social restructuring, housing, inequality, politics, planning, urban change Spr 13
280 Geography & Health Mayer global health, infectious disease, medical geography, health services, biopsychosocial influences on health Win 14
302 The Pacific Northwest Beyers public lands, agriculture, forest products, historical development processes, growth management Win 14
310 Immigrant America Ellis migration, refugees, assimilation, citizenship, settlement geographies Spr 14
315 Explanation & Understanding in Geography Brown research design, qualitative, quantitative, explanation, understanding, method, geography Aut 13
317 GIS & Statistics Withers Win 14
326 Quantitative Methods in Geography Chan statistics, methods, analysis, research Spr 14
330 Latin America: Landscapes of Change Lawson Latin America, neoliberal globalization, agrarian and environmental change, political economy, migration TBA
331 Poverty, Care & Responsibility Lawson global poverty, care, care ethics, responsibility. Win 14
333 Russia’s Changing Landscape ZumBrunnen natural regions, settlement patterns, economic development, central planning, transition TBA
335 The Developing World Hannah  migration TBA
342 Geography of Inequality England poverty, wealth, exclusion, social justice, diversity, social/economic restructuring, inequality Spr 14
344 Migration in the Global Economy migration, political economy, geopolitics, transnationalism, citizenship, ethnicity Aut 13
349 International Trade economic development, trade policy, international trade theory, Mexico, multinational corporations, NAFTA TBA
360 Principles of GIS Mapping Elwood cartography, GIS, spatial analysis, sustainability TBA
360 Principles of GIS Mapping Nyerges map design, critical thinking & problem solving, geographical information, representation, ArcGIS TBA
360 Principles of GIS Mapping Bergmann GIS, cartography, spatial analysis Aut, 13
370 Problems in Resource Management ZumBrunnen ecosystems, environment, economics Spr 14
371 World Hunger and Resource Development Jarosz agriculture, globalization, political economy, development, poverty, food, colonialism, agrarian and environmental change, social movements Win 14
375 Geopolitics geopolitics, geoeconomics, globalization, security, identity, colonialism, empire, politics Aut 13
377 Urban Political Geography Brown power, urban political economy, social movements, the body, cities TBA
380 Geographical Patterns of Health & Disease Mayer medical geography, disease ecology, infectious disease, spatial epidemiology, global health Spr 14
381  Mapping Health  Hannah, Sparke  critical cartography, global health, knowledge production, discourse theory  Win 14
467 Law, Justice, & the Environment Herbert law, justice, environment, land use, politics TBA
425 Qualitative Methods in Geography Jarosz qualitative methodologies, ethnography, interviewing, feminist theory Aut 13
426 Advanced Quantitative Methods Withers TBA
430 Contemporary Development in Latin America Lawson development theory, Latin America, Political economy, feminist theory, indigenous knowledge, neoliberal globalization, economic development, globalization, global/social justice, poverty/inequality TBA
431 Geography & Gender Brown gender, masculinity, femininity, sexuality, the body TBA
432 Russian Population & Urbanization ZumBrunnen urbanization, migration, settlement patterns, population, equity, Russia TBA
433 Russian Resource Use & Management ZumBrunnen energy, water, land use, pollution, environment, Russia Aut 13
435 Industrialization & Urbanization in China Chan China, development, economics, industry, cities, migration, labor, globalization TBA
440 Regional Analysis Beyers input-output, demographic accounts, indices of regional structure, database development, economic base TBA
445 Geography of Housing Withers homelessness, home ownership, discrimination, suburbanization, gated communities, race, United States Spr 14
461 Urban GIS Elwood the city, GIS, spatial analysis, spatial data, urban planning and policy, access, social justice Win 14
462 Coastal GIS Nyerges spatial data reference, measurement frameworks, raster and vector data models, nearshore vulnerability, ecosystems services Win, 14
464 GIS-based Decision Making Nyerges sustainability, decision making, GIS workflow, database management, spatial analysis TBA
465 GIS Databases & Programming Nyerges Python programming and GIS scripting languages, data structures and formats, database management, environmental databases, web programming TBA
467 Law, Justice & The Environment Herbert  environment, law, justice TBA
469 GIS Workshop Nyerges, Elwood development, participatory GIS, public participation GIS, social justice, applied GIS, spatial analysis Spr 14
471 Methods of Resource Analysis ZunBrunnen systems analysis, optimization, resource analysis, sustainability, ecological economic analysis Spr 14
474 Geography & the Law Herbert social justice, environmental justice, law, political geography, power, activism, the transnational Spr 13
476 Women & the City England feminism, work, diversity, safety, housing, planning, urban politics Aut 13
478 Social Justice in the City Mitchell cities, governance, development, neoliberalism, inequality Aut 13
479 Race, Ethnicity, and the American City Ellis race, ethnicity, segregation, discrimination, cities, immigration TBA
480 Environmental Geography: Climate and Health Mayer environment and health, study design, chronic diseases, environmental exposure, disease response, climate change Spr 14
482 GIS Database Management Nyerges geospatial database management, GIS, data types, data models, web services Aut, 13
490 The Seattle Region Brown TBA