Resources for Teaching

We are committed to fostering safe and inclusive spaces for teaching and learning. We recognize that multiple dimensions of difference can influence inclusion and learning experiences in the classroom, and that spaces of exclusivity can be both invisible and intersectional. The resources here provide guiding ideas and specific practices to help promote welcoming and inclusive spaces for teaching and learning.

Best Practices for Building Ethical Pedagogies (from 2012 workshop)
Creating Safe Spaces for Learning (practices developed at Fall 2013 workshop)

Teaching Resources from Portland Community College’s Illumination Project
Teaching Tolerance (simple exercises but could inspire a more sophisticated student-designed activity)
Microaggressions Project
Queer Teaching (Blog sharing advice, experiences, stories, anecdotes, ideas, and reflections. On hiatus but archived posts remain available).
5 Efforts Toward Creating a Feminist Classroom
Queer Pedagogies Suggested Reading List     
Intergroup Dialogue, Education and Action (IDEA) Center
UW Diversity Minor
UW Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity
UW Dream Project (College access program, UW undergrads can connect through service learning)

Holley, L and Steiner, S. 2005. Safe Space: Student Perspectives on Classroom Life. Journal of Social Work Education 41(1): 49-64.

Warren, J., 2014. “After colorblindness: Teaching Antiracism to White Progressives in the U.S.” in Kristin Haltinner (ed.) Teaching Race and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.