City Making In The 21st Century and Beyond

NOW Urbanism

The urban age has been a long one. In 1900, only sixteen cities in the world had populations of one million people or more. By 2000, there were 417. In 1950, only one city in the world had a population of over ten million people; today, there are 19 megacities.

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Bill Beyers, the state economy & energy demand forecasting

Professor Bill Beyers recently gave a talk on long-term structural changes in the Washington State economy to both the Seattle Economics Council and the Bonneville Power Administration .  He also helped the Northwest Power and Conservation Council select new experts for is independent economics advisory committee. This Council was created by Congress in 1980 to do electrical power demand forecasting in the Pacific Northwest, and Beyers has advised the Council from its inception.

Here’s their latest power demand forecast:

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