Three Quarter Planner


Projected Geography Three Quarter Planner           2014-15 Academic Year

Autumn, 2014

Geog 102, World Regions (online only)

Geog 123, Intro To Globalization (Hannah)

Geog 205,  Our Global Environment (Biermann)  NEW

Geog 207, Economic Geography (Beyers)

Geog 230, Global Inequality (Daigle)

Geog 277, Geography of Cities (England)

Geog 295 A, Geographies of Migration (Mitchell) NEW

Geog 295 B, Food & Politics In Russia (Alaniz)

Geog 310, Immigrant America (Ellis)

Geog 315,  Explanation & Understanding In Geog (Brown)

Geog 360, Principles of GIS Mapping (Weng)

Geog 375, Geopolitics (Hannah)

Geog 377, Advanced Political Geography (Brown) NEW

Geog 425,  Qualitative Methods in Geography (TBA)

Geog 435, Chinese Urbanization & Industrialization (Chan)

Geog 445, Geographies of Housing (Withers)

Geog 482, GIS Data Management (Nyerges)

Geog 500, Geographic Thought (Elwood)

Geog 513, Proposal Writing (Ellis)

Geog 525, Advanced Qualitative Methods (Jarosz)

Geog 580, Medical Geography (Mayer)

Geog 582, GIS Data Management (Nyerges)

Winter, 2015

Geog 123, Intro to Globalization (online only) (Farias)

Geog 180, Intro to Global Health (Sparke)

Geog 258, Digital Geographies (Elwood)

Geog 271, Geography of Food & Eating (Jarosz)

Geog 276, Intro Political Geography (Brown)

Geog 280, Geography & Health (Mayer)

Geog 295,  Living in the Borderlands: Race, Place and Space (Ybarra)  NEW

Geog 302, The Pacific NW (Beyers)

Geog 317, Statistics & GIS (Withers)

Geog 331, Global Poverty & Care (Lawson)

Geog 335, The Developing World (Piedalue)

Geog 370, Geographies of Environmental Management (Biermann) NEW

Geog 381, Mapping Health (Hannah

Geog 403, Migration and Citizenship in Europe (Mitchell)  NEW

Geog 425, Qualitative Methods (Daigle)

Geog 461, Urban GIS (Hannah)

Geog 462, Coastal GIS (Nyerges)

Geog 472, Ecoscapes: Nature, Culture & Place  (Derman)  NEW

Geog 490, The Seattle Region (England)

Geog 505, China (seminar) (Chan)

Geog 542, Social and Population Geography Seminar (Ybarra)

Geog 553, Cultural Geography Seminar (Mitchell)

Geog 561, Urban GIS (Hannah)

Geog 562, Coastal GIS (Nyerges)

Geog 571, Critical Ecologies Seminar (Biermann)

Geog 572, Queer Geographies Seminar (Knopp)

Spring, 2015

Geog 123, Intro to Globalization (Farias) (online only–extra fee)

Geog 236, Development and Challenge in Greater China (Chan)

Geog 270, Environmental Issues In the Developing World (Buckingham)

Geog 301 , Cultural Geography (Knopp)

Geog 315, Explanation & Understanding in Geography (Hannah)

Geog 326, Quantitative Methods (Chan)

Geog 342, Geographies of Inequality (England)

Geog 343, Geographies of Youth (Snellinger)

Geog 360, Principles of GIS Mapping (Hannah)

Geog 380, Geog Patterns of Health & Disease (Mayer)

Geog 431, Geography & Gender (Piedalue)

Geog 451, Cultural Geographies of Latin America (Ybarra)

Geog 465, GIS Database Programming (Burns)

Geog 467, Law, Justice & The Environment (Derman)

Geog 469, GIS Workshop (Elwood)

Geog 478, Urban Social Justice (Megan Brown)

Geog 480, Environmental Health & Geography (Mayer)

Geog 495 A, Water Resources in South Asia

Geog 495 B, Food In Russian Culture

 Geog 502, Professional Writing (Lawson)

Geog 511, Research Design (Brown)

Geog 520, Research Seminar: GIS Representation (Nyerges)

Geog 541, Feminist Geographies Seminar (England)

Geog 560, GIS Mapping (Hannah)

Revised   1/23/15



Course # Course Title Instructor
123 Intro to Globalization Hannah
207 Economic Geography Beyers
230 Global Inequality Galvis
245 US Population Withers
310 Immigrant America Ellis
315 Explanation & Understanding in Geography Brown
349 International Trade Harrington
360 Principles of GIS Mapping Hannah
370 Problems in Resource Management ZumBrunnen
371 World Hunger & Agricultural Development Jarosz
375 Geopolitics Young
433 Resource Use in Russia ZumBrunnen
462 Coastal GIS Nyerges
476 Women & The City England
478 Spatial Justice in the City Smith
500 History of Geographic Thought Mitchell
505 Seminar: China Chan
542 Seminar: Social & Population Geography: Reframing Poverty Lawson
562 Coastal GIS Nyerges
581 Seminar: Medical Geography Mayer