Internships in Geography

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Find Out About Internships?
We regularly post them on the bulletin board in the hallway on the 4th floor of Smith Hall, and also send out regular announcements on the e-mail distribution list geogu-l@u. We also make lists of past internships available on the Careers section of our website, and keep hard copies in three-ring binders outside Smith 415 B.

How Do I Earn Credit for My Internship?
Internship credits are earned by registering for Geog 496. This course may be taken for either 3, 4 or 5, depending on the number of hours a week you devote to your internship—15 hours a week or more merits 5 credits, anything less, 3 credits.

How Do I Register For Geog 496?
To register for Geog 496, you must first line up a faculty mentor or sponsor, who will oversee your internship. Complete a blue internship learning contract (on the racks in the 4th floor hallway of Smith), and get a faculty signature. You then turn the form into the departmental advisers and register using the 5-digit faculty i.d. number as an add code (these numbers are posted on the wall between Smith 415 A & B).

What Do I Need to Do For Internship Credit?
We award academic credits for academic work—you should not expect UW credits just because you have an internship. How this translates into specific tasks depends on what you work out with your faculty mentor. Some ask for academic papers discussing some aspect of the internship within a disciplinary context; others ask for annotated work projects or a work diary. The common thread is that we ask you to somehow reflect on your internship from an academic perspective.

What Requirements Do Geog 496 credits Count Towards?
Internship credits count in two ways—toward the overall 180 required credits and toward the 60 required Geog credits. Only 5 Geog 496 credits may be counted toward the 60 required Geog credits.

Is There a Maximum or Minimum Number of Allowable Internship Credits?
You may apply up to 12 Geog 496 credits toward the overall 180 credits, but only 5 toward the Geog major. 3 credits is the minimum.

Can I Earn Internship Credits More Than Once?
Yes, you may earn up to 12 Geog 496 credits by registering in more than one quarter. You will need prior faculty approval each time.

What Paperwork Is Involved?
Just the blue internship learning contract, with a faculty signature. We do not ask employers to fill out any forms.