Stephen R. Plymate, M.D.



Research Interest: Dr. Plymate’s laboratory has continued work in prostate cancer over the past year. There have been three areas of funded research in his program. These include 1: control of prostate cancer growth and metastasis by inhibition of the type 1 IGF receptor with human monoclonal antibodies. Results in this area over the past year have shown that IGF-IR inhibition markedly enhances effects of castration by altering nuclear localization of the androgen receptor by changing AR phosphorylation sites. In collaboration with Dr. Higano, a phase 1 trial of a human IGF-IR mab is in progress at the SCCA. 2: The role of extracellualr matrix proteins, specifically laminins, in regulation of the senescent prostate epithelial phenotype and angiogenesis. This work has resulted in Dr. Plymate receiving a U54 grant in the Tumor Microenvironment Network NCI program as well as a local grant for study of laminin alpha 4 subunits. 3: Dr. Plymate has continued his collaboration with Dr. J. Wu on the innate NK immune system in prostate cancer.

Education and Training:

College: 1964, University of Nebraska College of Medicine

Medical School: 1968, University of Nebraska College of Medicine

Residency: 1968-1971, Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA

Fellowship: 1971-1973, Endocrinology, University of Washington, USPHSH

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Clinic Information: Dr. Plymate attends in the Prostate Cancer Clinic at VAPSHCS, the TCU at VAPSHCS, and with the Geriatrics consult service and Medicine Wards at Harborview Medical Center.

General Information: Email Dr. Plymate.