Jenny Roraback-Carson, M.D.

Clinical Instructor
Medical Director, Full Life Care
Long Term Care Service, Senior Care Clinic and
Harborview Falls Prevention Clinic

Dr. Jenny Roraback-Carson

Philosophy of care: I enjoy working with my patients and their caregivers, not merely as an individual medical provider, but as a member within a multidisciplinary team. The needs of geriatric patients are best met with this team-based approach, with input from not only MDs, but also nurses, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, dieticians, and pharmacists. I practice in a variety of settings—outpatient clinics, inpatient hospital wards, subacute and long-term care nursing facilities, and adult day health centers. In each of these settings, the strength of the multidisciplinary team is evident. 

I also feel that supporting both patients and their caregivers is essential to the practice of geriatric medicine, and detecting and addressing caregiver stress is important not only for the caregiver, but also for the patient. Maintaining open communication with my patients and their caregivers and addressing “the big picture” with every interaction is a personal priority.

Career Interest: Geriatric and palliative medicine, fall prevention in the outpatient and nursing home settings, and the expansion of adult day health services into a health home model of care.

Education and Training:

College: 1996-2000 Pacific Lutheran University

Medical School: 2003-2007, University of Washington

Residency: 2007-2010, Internal Medicine, University of Washington

Fellowship: 2010-2011, Geriatric Medicine, University of Washington

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Clinic Information: Harborview SeniorCare Clinic

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