Richard A. Zager, M.D.



Research Interest: Dr. Zager's research is centered on defining mechanisms and adaptive responses of acute ischemic and toxic renal injury.  In particular, he studies how injured cells acquire resistance to subsequent forms of attack (so call "ischemic preconditioning" or "acquired cytoresistance").  By defining these protective mechanisms, new prophylactic and therapeutic strategies for organ protection are probed. Cell culture, rodent experiments and translational human studies are used to probe these issues. 

Board Certifications: Nephrology

Education and Training:

College: 1965, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Medical School: 1969, Northwestern Medical School, Chicago, IL

Residency: 1969-1970, Harbor General Hospital, Torrance, CA; 1970-1971, UCLA Medical Center; 1973-1974, University of Washington

Fellowship: 1975-1976, Boston University Medical Center; 1976-1977, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston, MA

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