Inpatient Care



The SeniorCare Program was initially conceived in 1976 by the Long Term Comprehensive Care Committee at the University of Washington. In 1979, we began the outpatient clinic portion (now known as Senior Care Clinic) and in 1980 the inpatient program (now known as Medicine G) was started.

1. Overview of the Inpatient Service
- Physicians in the subspecialty of geriatric medicine with expertise in the care of older adults.
- Consultations and inpatient care are available for patients aged 65 years and older.
- We have a special interest in geriatric syndromes such as cognitive impairment, delirium,
  falls/gait instability, frailty, and functional decline.

2. Description of the Inpatient Services
a. GERIATRIC MEDICINE CONSULTATIONS                                     
- Patients 65 years of age or older.
- Patients still in the ICU should be medically stable and extubated.
- Consultation request should include the name of the attending physician of the requesting
  service and a specific diagnosis or medical issue to be addressed. 
- If the consultation is for potential transfer to Med G, please state this so we can begin to
  assess the need for transfer in our initial evaluation.

Patients will be accepted in transfer to Med G Monday through Friday and at the discretion of the Geriatric Medicine attending. Patients seen by Med G in consultation Friday-Sunday will be assessed early in the day on Monday for suitability for Med G transfer.

Patients must meet the following criteria to be considered for transfer:
- Aged 65 years or older.
- Surgical procedures completed. Expectation is that the surgical service will still see the
  patient as needed and will arrange outpatient surgical follow-up prior to the patient’s
  discharge from HMC.
- Stable enough for floor (with or without telemetry). Patients coming from ICU status should
  have an overnight period of floor status.
- Expected remaining LOS >48 hours due to ongoing medical issues, which require daily
  monitoring by a physician. Patients stable enough for discharge, or those expected to be
  discharged in <48 hours (to home, assisted living, or SNF), should stay on the primary
  service with Med G consultation.
- Expectation for some degree of functional recovery (patients with end-stage/terminal illness
  or SNF resident receiving custodial care fall outside of this category).

Whom Do You Contact For Consultation?
            Page the Medicine G resident (Med G pager 540-4337) stating the purpose of the             consultation, the name of the attending from the service requesting the consultation,             and specific question(s) to be addressed.

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