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Initial Management of Newly Diagnosed HIV Infection and Active Tuberculosis: anti-Tuberculosis Therapy

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D Rapid HIV serology test result should be confirmed prior to initiation of anti-TB therapy, since she will need different medications to treat her pulmonary TB therapy if she is co-infected with HIV.

This answer is incorrect. Although it is important to confirm her HIV infection using a second antibody test, initiation of TB therapy should not be delayed while this testing is performed. Anti-TB treatment regimens generally do not differ on the basis of whether or not the patient with TB is also infected with HIV.

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A Given the high prevalence of drug resistance among patients co-infected with TB and HIV, anti-TB therapy should not be started until drug susceptibilities are known for her strain of TB.
B Anti-tuberculosis therapy should be started immediately, consisting of a four-drug regimen of rifampicin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide, and ethambutol.
C The duration of therapy for this HIV-infected patient with pulmonary TB should be 18 months.

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