Retina Scanning is live at GIMC!

Retina scanning is live at GIMC! Screening for diabetic retinopathy saves patients’ vision, and we can now do it right in clinic. Barak sent an email this week with the how-to, here’s a quick review:

– Enter an order in Epic by typing “Retina.” Choose either:

              1. Screening (if no known retinopathy), or

              2. Monitoring (if  known retinopathy)

– MA walks the patient to the camera near the south hallway (next to exam rooms 1-3)

– Results are reported to the ordering provider’s Epic InBasket with clear instructions for next steps

A few reminders: 

– Retina screening should happen once every 1-2 years

– Retina screening at GIMC (without eye dilation!) is recommended if your patient:

                — doesn’t have eye symptoms of any kind

                — doesn’t have other eye conditions (ex. glaucoma, macular degeneration

– If your patient has any eye symptoms, or your patient has a chronic eye condition which needs eye clinic management:  then DO NOT order retina screen at GIMC.  Instead send a referral for the patient to have an in-person  evaluation in the Eye Center.

Quick primer on the stages of diabetic retinopathy:

1. Non-proliferative – this is the early stage. Non-proliferative can be mild, moderate, or severe.

2. Proliferative – this is vision-threatening (ischemia present) – Needs treatment.

3. Macular edema – can be present with either Non-prolif or Prolif. Needs treatment.

Typical follow-up recommendations by type of finding:

– If no retinopathy or mild/moderate-non-proliferative retinopathy: repeat scan in 1 year.

– If macular edema or severe non-proliferative or proliferative retinopathy: refer to Eye Clinic


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Our Notes

A quick announcement that GIMC is starting participation as a pilot site in the study of a new process in EPIC called Our Notes. Our Notes enables patients to enter some HPI/interval history/reason for visit information through eCare in advance of a visit. Please see the attached overview for details. Harborview’s Adult Medicine Clinic is the other UW site that is undertaking participation.

Some of you may have already noticed some patient-entered information being flagged to you in EPIC – this feature went live in eCare for patients just over a week ago. Bottom line, if you review the attached document, it should be clear what to do when such information is entered by the patient.

Definitely let me know what questions you have.