How to do vacation coverage

Going on vacation?  Covering someone on vacation? Here’s a brief how-to guide:

If you’re leaving:

Finding someone to cover

For residents:

Your chief resident will assign coverage for your vacation. Refer to the newsletter or this website to see who will be covering your vacation. The clinic’s administrative staff will enter the coverage assignments into Epic.

For attendings:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to “vacation coverage” and click on “coverage assignments”
  3. Click on add vacation coverage and fill out the form so we know who’s covering you

Set up your Epic inbox:

  1. In EPIC: go to in-basket and then click on ‘OUT’
  2. Click on “NEW” in the bottom left hand corner and complete the form
  3. COMPLETELY empty your in-basket (you can postpone non-urgent stuff to yourself to complete upon your return)
  4. Contact the person covering you (directly or by staff message) with anything that’s pending or needs to be done while you’re gone

Turn on your email vacation message:

Contact paging:

  • Email the paging supervisor ( Include the dates you will be away and who will be covering for you.

If you’re covering:

Epic In-basket

  1. Attend to everything that comes to the in-basket
  2. For non-urgent chart cc’s and other issues that do not need a response you can postpone them to the date of the persons return (if further follow-up needed) or done them (if just FYI)
  3. Patient calls and ecare messages- answer them as if they are your own. OK to say Dr. so-and-so is out of the office and will respond upon return if non-urgent (if you do this, postpone the message instead of ‘doning’ it.) Always OK to have the patient schedule an appointment
  4. Results- send results by ecare or letter

Mailbox & faxes

  1. Check mail regularly
  2. Toss junk mail
  3. Respond to urgent faxes and other issues
  4. Non-urgent mail can be placed in a folder labelled “non-urgent”