What to do if you can’t get to clinic

This page covers what to do when you can’t come in or need to change a clinic. Things differ a bit depending on if it’s super-short notice (same day), short notice (up to 6 weeks) or well in advance (more than 6 weeks out).

If things seem complicated, it’s because there are two separate scheduling systems: Amion (which the residency office runs) that tracks which days you are supposed to come to clinic, and EPIC (which the clinic runs) that schedules which patients will see you. To move or cancel a clinic we have to change both systems or else chaos will prevail.

Same day cancellations (Sick, family emergency, etc.)

  • Everyone:
    1. Call the clinic ASAP! It’s important to do this by 6:30AM or as early as possible so we can let your patients know you’re not coming.
      • PREFERRED: If it’s before 6:30, call 598-2640 (the sick line) and leave a message telling us you can’t come in. The phone room will start working on it as soon as they come in.
      • If, however, it is between 6:45 and 8:00, there may or may not be someone in the clinic–you can also try calling 598-0069 (front desk line).
      • After 8:00, call 598-0069 and let the staff know you can’t make it. They’ll start rescheduling immediately.
  • Residents:
    1. E-mail or Text Page the chief resident.
    2. E-mail the residency office (schedim@uw.edu), the PSS pool (gim_pss@uw.edu), AND clinicchange@uw.edu to let them know.
    3. Complete an Unexpected Absence form on the residency program website.
  • Attendings:
    1. Also call AND email Ben Thompson. (598-3713, clinicchange@uw.edu)

Short notice changes (less than six weeks)

Short notice changes are hard for patients, clinic staff, and your colleagues who have to see your patients for you when they can’t be rescheduled. For these reasons, it’s our policy not to cancel clinics less than six weeks away except for extenuating circumstances. However, we recognize that sometimes it’s necessary, and here’s how you do it if you have to:

  1. Put in a schedule change request with the residency office. Getting official approval for the change takes a while, so it’s best to start early.
  2. Check your clinic schedule. The easiest way is to look at your upcoming clinics in Epic. If there are patients scheduled, think about whether any of of them must be rescheduled to see you (e.g. regular patients, opiate refills) and when you would want to see them.
  3. E-mail Deb Greenberg and the chief resident. Although only the office can approve a schedule change request, for short notice changes we will block your schedule while requests are pending so there are fewer patients to move when the change goes through. We can also help you coordinate and triage if there are patients who need to see you.
  4. Check Amion to confirm your clinic was moved. When you get a notice from the office that your change request was approved, keep an eye on Amion to make sure it actually changes–that will save you the “WHERE ARE YOU?” call.

Long-term changes (more than six weeks out)

  1. Put in a schedule change request with the residency office. With this much advance notice we can usually wait to move patients until after the change has been approved.
  2. Check Amion to confirm your clinic was moved. If your change request is approved but Amion hasn’t been changed, we might not know about it; it’s worth checking with us and the office to make sure everything is taken care of.

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