What we do

Our BHIP Social Work offers short-term cognitive and behavioral based counseling and "bridging" to community resources.

Our BHIP psychiatrist offers medication consultations and reviews.

BHIP does not provide long-term or crisis mental health care.


BHIP SW desk is in the North (Team A) hallway cubical

When to contact

Consult with a BHIP social worker and/or GIMC social worker for questions about mental health resources and referrals in community, and to inquire if a patient is appropriate for the BHIP model of treatment. BHIP is not an ideal treatment model for everyone, and we want to assist patients in knowing their options and getting connected to most appropriate mental health care.

Residents can consult with Dr. Chang (BHIP psychiatrist) on medication recommendations or combinations for patients. 


Kendra Koeplin, LICSW
Mental Health Care

How to contact

If you are wanting to discuss a potential patient/referral you can send staff message in EPIC. Always good to talk in person at our cubical or BHIP office space. BHIP SW is in clinic full time M-F and BHIP psychiatrist is in Tuesday and Thursday 9:30a-1:30pm.

Patient Information

Community resources are available as handouts for patients by BHIP cubical. 


BHIP Referral FLOWCHART_2017

Information about community resources are available as handouts by BHIP cubical. We try to keep up to date on the changing accessibility of Community Mental Health and Private Practice providers in community through insurance.