Inbox Coverage and Paging Pilot 2016-2017:


  • -Residents and interns are a “Practice Partner Group” (PPG) within their mentor attending teams.
  • -Residents and interns will be expected to check their EPIC inbox once per day on all AMBULATORY and CONSULT rotations
  • -Every senior resident must check their own EPIC inbox EVERY WEEKDAY regardless of whether they are on inpatient or outpatient rotations, unless they are on vacation, WWAMI, or Naivasha rotation, in which case another resident, ideally in the same PPG, is assigned to cover their inbox.
    • -All messages should be responded to with at least an acknowledgement of receipt to the sender and a timeframe plan for response.
  • -The “Doc on Call” will be on call to cover ALL urgent matters (requiring < 24 hours attention) and pages for both the interns and residents in the Practice Partner Group that are on INPATIENT rotations from 8AM to 5PM. The DOC (or an attending) can page the PCP with questions if felt to be urgent.
  • -All residents and interns must check their EPIC inbox on the day following a clinic day to handle labs, imaging, etc that they ordered the day prior regardless of whether or not they are on an inpatient or outpatient rotation.
  • -There will be one assigned “DOC” resident per Practice Partner Group per month. This Doc resident will provide coverage for INTERNS on their mentor team when they are on INPATIENT rotations and vacation, WWAMI, and Naivasha rotations.
  • -If all residents from a mentor team are on vacation, inpatient, WWAMI, or Naivasha rotations, then the mentor attending will help coordinate inbox coverage.
  • -If issues arise please discuss with your clinic chief or mentor attending.




Prior Block Schedules




Vacation Coverage