Team A Coverage


Instructions on how to use this chart.

Bolded Green: Name: Provider is assigned to cover at least one inbox  i.e. the “Covering” Provider. Provider is covering for other members in the same mentor group, who are highlighted in Orange 

Highlighted (only) Name: Provider requires inbox coverage i.e. the “Away” Provider

Orange: Provider is Away for Vacation or WWAMI

Light Orange: Provider is an Inpatient intern/DOC Inbox Coverage

Mentor Group Members:

Deb Greenberg 
Stephanie Carr
Michael Northrop
Nathan Tulloch
Kathy Altman
Linzee Mabrey

Tyra Fainstad

Max Cohen
Laura Graham
Ruru Wang
Mitch Tan

Heidi Powell

Shannon McConnaughey
Sean Maddock
Diana Zhong
Tennie Renkens
Addie Bardolph

Kim O'Connor
Eric Mar
Safina Hossain
Robin Stiller