Team C Coverage


Link for coverage chart for:

Team C Block 8

Team C Block 9-13



Instructions on how to use this chart.

Bolded Green: Name: Provider is assigned to cover at least one inbox  i.e. the “Covering” Provider. Provider is covering for other members in the same mentor group, who are highlighted in Orange 

Highlighted (only) Name: Provider requires inbox coverage i.e. the “Away” Provider

Orange: Provider is Away for Vacation or WWAMI

Light Orange: Provider is an Inpatient intern/DOC Inbox Coverage

Mentor Group Members:

Jenny Wright/Genevieve Pagalilauan

Katy Bowman
Allyson Goldberg
Evandro Bezerra
Katie Horton
Andrew McGuiness
Sarah Steinkruger
Jeff Krimmel

Jake Berman/Chris Knight

Mariam Alam
Prano Hiremath
Lynn Symonds
Christina Morse
Christopher Geiger
Courtney Gwinn
Alex Taylor