Social Work

What we do

We can help patients in a number of ways, from counseling to substance abuse treatment, to assistance with food, housing, and transportation.

As of 2017, we are now able to help with advanced care planning.

Generally you will give our phone number to patients and invite them to call us. If we are available, the patient can be seen the same day while still in clinic.


GIM SW desk is in the NW corner, Cube #366

When to contact

If a patient is threatening to kill themselves or someone else, page SW with a 911 extension to your call back number!

Offer the patient our card and invite them to call us if they are:

  • In an abusive relationship (including the elderly and caregivers).
  • Anxious, crying, depressed; have psychosocial/situational stress, including relationship issues, workplace stressors, grief/adjustment reactions, caregiver burnout…
  • Elderly and need assistance.
  • Having chemical dependency issues.
  • Interested in smoking cessation.
  • Homeless or with unstable housing.
  • Without medical insurance.
  • Unable to afford medications.
  • In need transportation, food.


Jan Eisenman, LICSW
Pager: 540-0107

How to contact

The primary referral method is offering SW services to the patient and present them with a card. If a patient is unlikely to call, let me know so that I can reach out to the patient. Copy your note to and send a staff message.

You can also place a social work referral. This can be used, for example, for advanced care planning appointments.

Patient Information

Pick up a card for your patient at the SW desk.