Safe Links is a multidisciplinary health care effort whose mission is to reduce the harm to and improve the health and safety of homeless youth traditionally marginalized by sexual orientation, culture, addiction and mental health disorders.

Working within a harm reduction model, Safe Links provides mobile medical outreach services to homeless youth in the Capitol Hill and University districts. Basic medical services, including, but not limited to, HIV, STD and pregnancy testing, wound care, immunization administration and health education, are provided. Safe Links provides medical and counseling services to homeless youth with a special focus on those who have been victimized by, or are at risk of, sexual abuse or partner violence. Providence Seattle Medical Center supports the program through the donation of medications and supplies. Physicians from the community, including residents from GIMC, and the Providence Family Practice Residency volunteer their time to deliver the medical care services. Residents currently have the opportunity to provide medical services one night a month.

This is a unique learning opportunity for residents while modeling how a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach can be utilized to improve the delivery of health care services to, and ultimately, the health of, at risk communities.