Advanced Care Planning Referral

Special service at GIMC: trained facilitators who can meet with our patients (for free!) to help them fill out Advance Directive and DPOA forms.

Jan Eisenman has now been certified and trained to help our patients think about + fill out these important forms. Jan is also currently being helped by a nurse from Cardiology and a social worker from palliative care on this (also both trained in these skills).

Patients love to have access to this *free* service.

Here’s how to make a referral to this great service:

  1. Enter a referral to Social Work
  2. You can essentially delete all of the questions that default in the referral
  3. Just type in “advance care planning” into comments (and set this as the diagnosis also)
  4. Jan Eisenman will call the patient and set up a *free* appointment
  5. Jan will cc you on her note from that meeting (nothing more you need to do!)

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