Where do I find the Medicare Annual Wellness Questionnaires?!

Option 1: In EPIC: Go to MISC Reports –>  MyChart –> Patient Message Review –> then scroll down to the “Messages sent from” section and finally click on the “Questionnaire Submission”. The answers should display.

Option 2: If you want to see the patient’s answers right in the “This Visit” tab on the right side of the screen during an encounter, you can add a “Conversation” button to the toolbar in the “This Visit” tab. Here is how: Open the encounter –> click on the wrench in the top right of the “This Visit” tab, which will open a box that allows you to modify the toolbar –> type “conversation” into an empty cell in the “Report” column on the left of this box and click the default box on the right of this box, then click Accept. You should now have a “Conversation” button permanently part of your “This Visit” toolbar, and patient answers will populate there when they are submitted.

We are working with IT to fix this workflow ASAP. One proposal is to create a “Questionnaires” button that would live by default in the “Rooming” tab, where it would link directly to patient answers.

A few notes:

– The questionnaire (electronic or paper) does not include the PHQ-2. This is because a separate tool has been developed in EPIC to enable all patients (not only Medicare AWV patients) to complete the PHQ-2 electronically such that it would populate in flowsheets in EPIC. This tool has not yet rolled out across all clinics, so for now, our protocol is for our MAs to complete/review the PHQ-2 electronically annually with all patients during the rooming process. We recognize that this has not yet been happening consistently, but we are actively working toward this. We are also adjusting our paper intake forms for wellness/preventive health visits to include the PHQ-2 (see below).

– We are revising the annual health history form that is given to non-Medicare patients for return preventive health visits and is given out as a supplement to the questionnaire for Medicare patients for return annual wellness visits. These revisions include adding sections on social/substance use history and sexual history, which are generally pertinent but currently not included in the Medicare questionnare, as well as adding the PHQ-2. This should enable our paper intake forms for AWVs to capture all the information needed, and the electronic intake process should catch up over time. Once our intake forms have been fully revised, Jake will send out copies for comment and reference.

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