BHIP is back in business!

Kendra Koeplin, our founding BHIP social worker, is back from maternity leave, and BHIP is once again able to take new social work referrals (along with BHIP psychiatry referrals)! Thanks to everyone for your patience during this transitional period. We’re aware that (at least) a few referrals slipped through over the past couple months, and our BHIP team has been vigilant in seeking to triage/address them.

We wanted to take this opportunity to refresh everyone on the BHIP model – what’s in scope, what’s really beyond scope – and review the process for referring patients. The BHIP approach is essentially defined by goal directed, time limited intervention, focused on symptom reduction. Bottom line: the BHIP model is built around brief skills-based counseling interventions and brief psychiatry consultations. It’s not well-suited for patients in need of long-term mental healthcare, for patients in need of processing-based therapy (for example, grief counseling), or for urgent/crisis needs – Jan Eisenman should be consulted for patient with acute needs.

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