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Due to a recent incident, I am restructuring the online services that we have. You should have 3 accounts: ReadyNAS, Scheduler and Wiki; if you don't have one or more of these accounts, contact me ASAP.

Few minutes ago, you have received an e-mail from our new wiki installation with a temporary password. Please login and change your password.

Our new wiki features a WYSIWYG editor (like MS Word), hopefully, this will make it easier to add content for those who don't like mark-up languages.

Here are the assignments for transferring articles:

Micah & Esha - Equipment: AFM related articles

Mark - Equipment: Anything not AFM related

Phil & Sarah - Standard Procedures: AFM related articles

Dana & Dane - Standard Procedures: Anything not AFM related

Adam & Hiro - Private: Eveything

Durmus - the rest

Please check and correct articles while transferring and finish it by 02/10 Monday.

You do not need to categorize them for now, I'll handle categorization later.


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