Ginger Lab Equipment List

Important Announcement:

The old booking calendars have been replaced with an online scheduler. Please book the equipments using group scheduler. The list of equipment is displayed here for your convenience.

Group Facilities:

Asylum MFP-3D (Old & New) (MolES)

NanoInk NScriptor AFM (MolES)

Thermal Evaporator (CHB227)

Inverted Microscope 1 (532 nm laser)

Inverted Microscope 2 (EFM, pcAFM)

Inverted Microscope 3 (Darkfield scattering, spectroscopy, TCSPC-TTTR-microscopy)

Big Optical Bench & Electronics (PV/LED/PIA/IPE)(BAG G014)

Small Optical Bench & Electronics (PV)(CHB 223A)

CW 405 nm Laser Diode (shared with Microscopes 1 and 2)

Spin Coater (CHB 223)

Schlenk Line (CHB227)

Ocean Spectrometer

Monster Simulation Computer

Device Vacuum Chamber mkIVb

Device Vacuum Chamber mkIVa

Photonics research center (Contact Dr. Michael Salvador for training)

External Facilities: