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The 5 Questions

All your public presentations (oral or written) should answer, in one variant or another, all 5 of the following questions:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. Why should I care about the problem?
  3. What is the approach taken to address the problem?
  4. What is new in your results?
  5. What is the impact of your findings?

The amount of time you spend on each of these will vary based on your audience--but you should practice them even during group meeting.

General Slide Making Tips

  1. All slides should have black text on a white background
  2. Arial should be used for all fonts, MINIMUM 18 pt bold for text (pref 20 pt), and 24 pt bold (pref 32 bold) for slide titles
  3. All images should include a labeled scale bar (not "image is 2 microns across")
  4. All graphs should have extra thick, bold lines, markers and ticks (use Igor whenever possible)
  5. All figure (graph/image) axes should be labeled IN Powerpoint so that it can be resized if necessary
  6. Label each trace rather than using a legend
  7. Include all relevant experimental info on the plot when possible (e.g. "measured under nitrogen with 475 nm illumination")
  8. All images should be inserted into Powerpoint with (insert-image) NOT cut and paste
  9. All images should be adjusted for contrast on a *projected* screen
  10. When David asks for a particular slide, send him both the powerpoint slide, and the original Igor data/jpg image as appropriate
  11. NEVER use yellow, pink, or light-green lines in plots

Making Posters

  1. All posters (unless otherwise dictated by the session) should use the group poster template with the high res. UW logo and the "Husky Purple" background
  2. All poster text should be black on a white background
  3. All posters should have an Abstract, Introduction, and Summary/Conclusion sections
  4. Have a third person proofread your final poster before printing it
  5. Print your poster with enough time in advance (about a day and a half) at the campus poster printing service
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