News & FAQ

This page contains GIS Cup news and frequently asked questions which may be of use during the competition.
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  • To resolve an issue with the length of closed loop edges, a new WA_EdgeGeometry.txt file has been released. Please re-download the file and ensure the MD5 checksum is A0DA3F553FF785655A7E9CF0116CFDD3.
  • A moderated email list has been created for GIS Cup competitors, or anyone just interested in following updates on the competition. This list will be used to communicate GIS Cup related news directly to participants as it becomes available. Please join the list here to receive updates as they become available.

2/20/2012: An issue was discovered with the lengths listed for a small percentage of edges in the WA_EdgeGeometry.txt file. The data has been corrected and reposted. Please be sure to update your road network files while developing your algorithm. Please ensure the MD5 checksum of the file you are using is 50D783320984902BB94E4A8A58999DD7.

Q: May our team precompute a spatial index or something similar to include in our submission?
A: We may evaluate the submissions on a road network and trips taken from a different geographic region, so including precomputed data in your submission will not help. Your solution may include runtime precomputation.
Q: Will execution time be measured by wall clock time, user time, or CPU time?
A: We will use wall clock time on a PC that is not running any other applications.
Q: Will the submissions be evaluated on a 32-bit or 64-bit PC?
A: 64-bit.