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New job, award, move or family addition? Your classmates want to hear from you! Let us know how you’re doing.

The ClassNotes below were received through September 2013; any received afterward will appear in the next issue.

Robert A. Hawkins, B.S. ’50, (microbiology), writes, “We’re both healthy and doing the things we have always done: traveling, skiing, hiking and socializing with some very wonderful friends. We love coming back to the university, Puget Sound and Vancouver Island to go sailing.”

J. Trenholme Griffin, B.S. ’51 (basic medical science), M.D. ’55, Res. ’58 (pediatrics), Res. ’67 (radiology), Res. ’69 (radiation oncology), writes, “Still living in Kirkland, Wash., and attending the UW Access Program with Jim Lane, M.D. ’55, Walt Peterson, M.D. ’55, and Bob Hegstrom, M.D. ’55, Res. ’60. I travel abroad twice a year. This last year we went to France and Italy.”

William R. Halliday, M.D. ’51, writes, “I am now 87. At 62, I retired from medicine and became involved in vulcanospeleology, including making presentations at meetings of the Geological Society of America and NASA’s Lunar Planetary Research Conference.”

Fred W. Reebs, M.D. ’54, writes, “Doing well, bicycle 45 miles each week, yoga three times a week, work in the garden and play bridge.”

Orval Dean, M.D. ’56, writes, “After leaving the practice of medicine in 1998, I accepted the invitation to become an associate pastor (volunteer) to the seniors in my church. I have now completed 15 years in this second vocation and am still active in it. My work is part-time and mainly consists of visitation — homes, nursing homes, hospitals — and transportation as needed. Ministering to the elderly, I still have to deal with death and dying, but from a different perspective. I find this challenging, but often refreshing. Having the ministry to keep me busy became a special privilege after the death of my wife two years ago.”

Mary Joan Morford, B.S. ’56 (microbiology), writes, “I have retired and have been busy traveling to seven continents, volunteering at church, and enjoying children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and my horse and land.”

Jerry S. Trier, M.D. ’57, Fel. ’63 (gastroenterology), writes, “Still working part-time at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.”

Herbert A. Muller, M.D. ’58, writes, “I retired in 2004 as a professor of emergency medicine from the Pennsylvania University State College of Medicine.”

David M. Gimlett, B.S. ’59 (basic medical science), M.D. ’61, writes, “I’ve finally retired, for the third time, a few months ago. Please join me and other physicians at Physicians for a National Health Program. We have all seen the breakdown of our health system over the years. Now, with our accumulated wisdom, let’s work to restore our profession’s ability to provide care to all of our people.”

David W. Templin, M.D. ’59, writes, “I’m working half-time as a rheumatologist for the Alaska Native Health Outreach Clinics. I travel to 15 sites throughout the state.”

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