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New job, award, move or family addition? Your classmates want to hear from you! Let us know how you’re doing.

The ClassNotes below were received through September 2013; any received afterward will appear in the next issue.

Hilary M. Bowers, M.D. ’00, and Peter M. Bowers, Ph.D. ’98 (biochemistry), welcomed a daughter, Rivka, on April 12.

Nicole P. Bowlds, M.D. ’00, Res. ’00 (internal medicine), Res. ’06 (anesthesiology), welcomed twin boys, Anthony and Gabriel, on August 2.

Paul Maiocco, PA-C (Yakima Class 5) (2000), writes, “My career has taken us from Washington to Nevada and back a few times. I started working in the emergency department for several years and then settled into urgent care. I have worked for an occupational medicine group in Richland, Wash., since 2007, although over the years I have routinely worked per diem in either the ED or urgent care. I have teamed up with three other MEDEX Yakima graduates, Robert S. Diaz, PA-C (Yakima Class 6) (2001), Karen L. Nguyen, PA-C (Yakima Class 12) (2007), Bobby Linares, PA-C (Yakima Class 16) (2011), to make a truly unbelievable team. It has been a blessing to work with such great individuals who have the same training and similar thought processes. Thank you, MEDEX, for the quality training.”

David A. Pommer, M.D. ’00, writes, “I am an adjunct professor at the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences. I also lead the local chapter of the Christian Medical and Dental Association.”

Sarah S. Wilborn, PA-C (Seattle Class 31) (2000), writes, “I have worked for the Snohomish Tribe for 10 years in family medicine (and as chief medical officer for one year). I have two girls, 8 and 10; we spend our time in Chuckanut Bay in Bellingham, Wash., playing on the water and in the garden.”

Eldon Leinweber, PA-C (Spokane Class 3) (2001), writes, “I am the owner of North Central Washington Health, LLC; we have a family medicine clinic in Mansfield, Wash., and we operate a Labor & Industries clinic in Wenatchee. I also do per diem ED at Brewster’s Three Rivers Hospital. Since I live in a rural community and it is hard to find people to volunteer, I serve the community as a volunteer fireman — our area is known for some large wildfires. Rural medicine is a challenge, since you don’t have a hospital close by (the nearest is more than 30 miles away) nor the advantage of sending someone down the street to the specialist. I do believe I am living my dream of service — to people who choose wide open spaces away from the hustle and bustle of life in larger cities.”

Jose Osorio-Lopez, PA-C (Yakima Class 6) (2001), MHA, writes, “I have been in Florida for about 12 years since completing the MEDEX Northwest program. I have been with the University of South Florida for more than 11 years, and I have joined Tampa General Hospital as a bariatric PA. I am fortunate to be working again with my past mentor, Dr. Michel Murr, and newcomer Dr. John Paul Gonsalvo!”

Robert Brookshire, PA-C (Seattle Class 34) (2002), writes, “I am still living in Portland with my partner of seven years, Eric. I continue to practice trauma, critical care and general surgery at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center under the employment of Pacific Surgical, LLC. We have seven surgeons and 10 PAs on the adult trauma team. And I recently enrolled with the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s distance learning program to complete studies for a master’s in physician assistant studies.”

Carlos Caso, PA-C (Yakima Class 7) (2002), writes, “My family and I finished a one-year mission in Nicaragua in June 2013. I helped out with two medical missions with Corner of Love, and I just accepted a job offer with Bellevue Bone and Joint Physicians. This will be my second orthopedic job, as I was at Orthopedics Northwest in Yakima, Wash., for more than six years. I am blessed to be a PA and to return to the U.S.”

Gregory Crowther, M.D., Ph.D. ’02 (physiology and biophysics), writes, “My website,, has recently expanded. In addition to offering a searchable database of over 6,500 science- and math-related songs (including some medicine-focused ones!), it now includes a separate database of science/music-related lesson plans and a section challenging students with brief online quizzes before and after watching science music videos. I hope these new features will further help students discover the fun and excitement of science and related disciplines.”

Kim Dotson, PA-C (Spokane Class 4) (2002), writes, “I have moved to Rockwood Clinic Urgent Care. After more than nine years of working with the medically underserved (two years in a community clinic and more than seven taking care of an adult male population in the Department of Corrections), I elected to branch out, and I am loving it! I have been at Rockwood Clinic Urgent Care for just over a year now, and it’s been a really good career move for me. I continue to challenge myself physically, and I am planning to run my first ultramarathon in October!”

Brian Granvall, PA-C (Seattle Class 34) (2002), writes, “My family and I have relocated back to the Northwest from Virginia. We are in Boise, Idaho, where I have become the first interventional radiology PA in the state. I now work for the Boise Radiology Group and am spearheading an interventional radiology PA program. It will eventually expand to include several PAs covering multiple facilities in the Treasure Valley region. If there are any MEDEX alumni in the area, I would love to link up. I’d also like to begin taking students again. “

Adam S. Lauring, M.D. ’02, Ph.D. ’00 (molecular and cellular biology), writes, “I was one of 16 national recipients of 2013 Clinical Scientist Development Award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. I am an assistant professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Michigan. My laboratory studies the evolutionary dynamics of poliovirus and influenza virus.”

Larry Applebee, PA-C (Yakima Class 8) (2003), writes, “After leaving MEDEX, I started my career as a National Health Service scholar, doing primary care at a federally qualified health center. Then I did five years in cardiology with part-time ER. Now I work as a hospitalist and part-time in the ER. I also spent time in Haiti — got there a week after the earthquake and delivered 28 babies while there. I’ve also volunteered with Timicare in Ecuador.”

Bill Bomberger, PA-C (Yakima Class 8) (2003), writes, “I recently won Provider of the Year at the Community Health Association of Spokane. And I continue to enjoy life in Spokane with my lovely wife, Amy Kukuk Bomberger, (former staff at MEDEX) and our two children Alma (age 2) and Guillermo (age 5).”

Kevin Hudson, PA-C (Seattle Class 35) (2003), writes, “I’m working in Boise in a family practice clinic that was recently acquired by a local hospital system. It’s a very busy practice, and we see about 30 patients a day on average. Still working as professional ski patrol at Bogus Basin and longing for winter.”

Heather (Fraser) West, M.D., Res. ’03 (internal medicine), Chief Res. ’04 (internal medicine), writes, “Jason and I are living happily in Bend, Ore., where I work part-time in breast oncology and he works full-time in electrophysiology. We have two daughters, ages 2 and 5.”

Raylene Lawrence, PA-C (Spokane Class 6) (2004), writes, “I am practicing in Colfax, Wash., a small rural farming community south of Spokane. We have a wonderful clinic with six doctors, three mid-levels and an award-winning critical access hospital. I remain grateful every single day that I get to practice what I love to do — which is helping others — with the education I received from the MEDEX program.”

Gail Tharpe-Lucero, PA-C (Spokane Class 6) (2004), writes, “My husband, Gil, and I moved to New Zealand in October to participate in the New Zealand Physician Assistant Project, spearheaded by Ruth Ballweg. We are very excited.”

Janna Friedly, M.D., Res. ’05 (physical and rehabilitation medicine), a UW assistant professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, has been awarded a Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute Award for her three-year project, “Long-term Outcomes of Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections for Spinal Stenosis.”

Bethany Glotfelty, PA-C (Spokane Class 7) (2005), writes, “We have moved our family to Durango, Colo., where I work in urgent care. We are happy to be where the sun will warm us in the winter while skiing champagne powder.”

Ala Moshiri, M.D. ’06, Ph.D. ’04 (neurobiology and behavior), welcomed a son on Sept. 3.

Sharonjeet K. Sangha, M.D. ’06, writes, “Tyler Nathe, M.D. ’06, and I moved to Bellevue. He joined Proliance Orthopedics & Sports Medicine and specializes in sports-related surgeries. I joined PAS. We have two children, ages 2 and 5 months.”

Timothy Thornton, PA-C (Spokane Class 8) (2006), writes, “I am working full time in the emergency department at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, in Polson, Mont. I am now a grandpa and a grandpa-to-be, which is pretty cool.”

Saul ValenciaPersistencia:
Saul Valencia, M.D. ’06, Res. ’12

Persistencia. It’s Saul Valencia’s way. His family moved to the U.S. from Mexico when he was 7; he picked apples as a child. When a friend convinced him to apply to college, it took Valencia several tries to get in to Washington State University. Politely — persistently — he reapplied. “I guess that they thought they should give me a chance after all,” says Valencia.

After he completed medical school at UW Medicine, Valencia, realizing the need for Spanish-speaking medical providers, returned to the Yakima area for his residency in a community health center. He knew people were underserved and under-insured. And he knew the culture. Now Valencia works at Tri-Cities Community Health in Pasco, Wash.

“Serving the farm-worker population is the most rewarding part of my job,” says Valencia. “These are people I grew up with — some are from the same part of Mexico as I’m from!”

Cynthia Bader

Cynthia D. Bader, M.D. ’07, and her husband, Sunny Wu, welcomed a son, Lincoln, on May 3, 2013.

Clay Josephy, M.D. ’07, works in South Lake Tahoe as an emergency physician.

David Morgenroth, M.D., Res. ’07 (physical and rehabilitation medicine), has been appointed a UW assistant professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Matthew Crull, M.D. ’08, a fellow at UW Medicine, has been named the first recipient of the Safeway Outstanding Cystic Fibrosis Junior Clinical Research Award. The award is given to a clinical fellow or junior faculty working in the area of cystic fibrosis.

Jodi Daigen, PA-C (Spokane Class 10) (2008), writes, “I have been living in Dublin, Ireland, for the last two years and am returning to America this fall to begin locum work. They don’t yet have PAs here. My husband, Gavin, works for the Irish Times, and I will be living between Dublin and the States for the next few years.”

Clay Kessler

Konrad Kessler, M.D. ’08, and Stacy Kessler, M.D. ’08, of Boise, Idaho, welcomed a son, Clay, in November.

Cory Anderson, PA-C (Spokane Class 11) (2009), writes, “I currently work for the HealthEast Care System — full time in the emergency department of three busy acute-care hospitals in St. Paul, Minn. Breaking some ground, you might say, since PAs are unfortunately rather new to this specialty in the Twin Cities. Serving the underserved is still my real passion.”

Benjamin Pate, PA-C (Spokane Class 11) (2009), writes, “I work in The Dalles, Ore., in internal medicine. I’ve been working in this office since I graduated. My family and I recently bought a blueberry farm and we’re running that as well.”

Chris Rieman, PA-C (Spokane Class 11) (2009), writes, “After three years of doing pulmonary and critical care with Spokane respiratory consultants, I’m doing critical-care medicine for Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, Fla. We have been here for nearly a year and my wife, Kathy, and our
two little girls love it. I am pursuing a master’s degree through the University of Nebraska and will be finishing it this fall.”

Chad Tiller, PA-C (Seattle Class 41) (2009), writes, “Liz and I moved from Las Vegas to Raleigh, N.C. I am now working for Duke University Health System in urgent care, a branch of primary care.

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