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New job, award, move or family addition? Your classmates want to hear from you! Let us know how you’re doing.

The ClassNotes below were received through September 2013; any received afterward will appear in the next issue.

Sunil K. Aggarwal, M.D. ’10, Ph.D. ’08, writes, “I’m now in my final year of physical rehabilitation residency at New York University. I then plan to complete a fellowship in hospice and palliative medicine at the NIH Clinical Center. We are expecting a child this fall!”

Anthony Azevedo, Ph.D. ’11 (physiology and biophysics), writes, “At the UW, I studied rod photoreceptors in the retina and how they transform incidental light into a neural signal that the brain can use. I now work in the Wilson Lab at Harvard Medical School, where we are attempting to address questions of how sensory stimuli are encoded by networks of neurons and how the performance or functional characteristics of these neurons shape the information available to guide an organism’s behavior. To do so, we are studying the auditory system and sense of hearing in the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster). Relative to humans, it has a simple auditory system — only a few hundred neurons. This is a very young field; ultimately, we would like to understand how the information in the auditory system guides the fly’s behavior: for example, allowing the fly to recognize a fly of the same species. My girlfriend is starting law school in Seattle, so we travel back and forth, but we would eventually like to live in the Pacific Northwest.”

Paul Barlond, PA-C (Seattle Class 43) (2011), writes, “I had the opportunity to work in family medicine and internal medicine for nearly two years, and I am transitioning to a career in emergency medicine. Since graduating, I’ve enjoyed my usual outdoor activities, including skiing and hiking. I have also continued to travel throughout the U.S. and internationally.”

Andrew Becker, PA-C (Spokane Class 13) (2011), writes, “I work at Palouse Medical, treating ambulatory minor emergencies and occasionally major ones in their attached urgent-care clinic. I also assist in C-sections for OB patients when the docs aren’t available. In my spare time, I work as an ambulance-based clinician out of Moscow, Idaho, doing critical-care ground transfers. Since graduation, we’ve added a third child to our ranks; Aaron is now 15 months old and is (delightfully) into everything.”

Michelle Billish, PA-C (Seattle Class 43) (2011), writes, “I’m currently working for Planned Parenthood as a float clinician four days a week.”

Peter Frey, PA-C (Seattle Class 43) (2011), writes, “I’ve been working as an orthopedic-spine PA in Everett, Wash., since graduation. When in the OR, I am a first assist, and I train students and fellow PAs.”

Dayne T. Mickelson, M.D. ’11, writes, “I am in my third year of residency in the UW Department of Orthopedics. My wife, Kelly, and I just had our first child, Bryce, in March.”

Donald J. Perry, M.D. ’11, welcomed a daughter, Olivia, on January 25.

Andrew F. Powers, Ph.D. ’11 (physiology and biophysics), is working as a presidential postdoctoral fellow at the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research. He and his wife recently welcomed a daughter.

Lesley H. Richardson, M.D. ’12, writes, “I’m excited to be transitioning from intern to PGY2, and I have had a great year in Portland, Ore.”

Kellie L. Vigna, M.D. ’12, Ph.D. ’10 (molecular and cellular biology), writes, “I am a first-year medical resident at the UW.”

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