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Lynne Salkin Morris

The UW School of Medicine Alumni Association is pleased to welcome Lynne Salkin Morris, our new director for alumni relations. Lynne began in January 2014, having previously served at the University of Washington Alumni Association.

“I am thrilled to be at UW Medicine,” she says, “and I am very much looking forward to getting to know the School’s alumni and working with them to foster a lifelong connection with each other and the School.” Lynne holds a bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College and a master’s in public administration from the University of Pennsylvania, and before she moved to Seattle in 2010, she held positions at the Boston Foundation, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Berlin.

Many of you were acquainted with Sarah Rothschild, our former director for alumni relations, who moved back East with her family in December. We extend a warm thanks to Sarah, whose efforts elevated the visibility of the association, and whose work and leadership on the behalf of our alumni is gratefully remembered. 

Meet the new director. If you would like to welcome Lynne or to ask her about the alumni relations program, she would enjoy hearing from you: 206.221.8361 or

Where Are Our Alumni?
And How Can You Stay Involved?

*Ph.D., MEDEX, M.S. and B.S. graduates

Almost half of our alumni are located across WWAMI — and the rest of you make your presence felt in other places. In addition to the 23,145 alumni living in communities throughout the United States (as of October 2013, shown in the map at right), 506 live in other places around the globe.

Regardless of where you live, we want you to stay connected and be in touch. Take a moment to tell us what you’re doing. Volunteer to host fourthyear students when they’re traveling for residency interviews (through the HOST program). If you live in Seattle or the WWAMI region, look for opportunities to connect with fellow alumni, or volunteer to meet current students through SAID (the Student- Alumni Information Days program).

Visit us at Like us on Facebook (search for the “UW Medicine Alumni Association”). Email us We look forward to connecting with you.

Getting Into Medical School

In her talk, Carol Teitz, M.D., Res. ’80 (left), provided some inspiration to Maddie Peha, a pre-med sophomore at the University of Washington (right). “Dr. Teitz was honest and encouraging,” says Peha. “She didn’t downplay the difficulty of applying or being admitted to the UW School of Medicine, but she made me feel that, with the right skills and experiences, it’s within my reach.”
Photos: Karen Orders

Do you know someone — maybe even your own child — who wants to go to medical school? Has a friend asked you for help with a med-school application? Carol Teitz, M.D., Res. ’80 (orthopaedics), associate dean for admissions at the UW School of Medicine, provided some guidance on applying to the School at an event held for alumni and aspiring students in February 2014.

A student’s potential for academic success is an important factor in selecting medical-school candidates, but by no means the only one. “We want problem-solvers and communicators,” says Teitz. “We’re also looking for motivated students who show a record of service and have broad life experiences.”

In addition to covering the nuts and bolts of the application process — the average MCAT score to aspire to, for instance, and the importance of meeting deadlines — Teitz also emphasized that potential applicants should shadow a physician. Learning what medicine is truly like — the pace, the procedures, the patients, the state of healthcare in the U.S. — helps the candidate understand and articulate what they want.

“Before you apply, you should know yourself, and you should know what you’re getting into,” says Teitz. “And it should show in your application.”

Learn more about the admissions process: visit

Hosting Students: Home Away From Home

Drs. Nick and Weiya Wysham, shown above, both members of the Class of 2009, HOSTed students Sarah Baxter and Lacy Irwin last fall.

“It’s great to catch up on what’s happening at the School of Medicine and to hear about faculty we know,” says Weiya Wysham, M.D. ’09. Weiya and her husband, Nick Wysham, M.D. ’09, participate in the UW School of Medicine’s HOST program: taking in fourth-year students visiting their city — Durham, N.C. — for residency interviews.

In part, the Wyshams are paying it forward; as a couple who made numerous interview trips to seek a match in the same location, they greatly appreciated being hosted by other alumni. “We still keep in touch with some of our hosts and want to return the favor,” Wysham says. She and her husband, who grew up in Washington, enjoy the experience. “We have fond memories of our time in medical school, so it’s a good way to stay connected,” says Wysham. “Meeting the students is a bit of home away from home.”

Interested in participating in the HOST program? Please contact the UW School of Medicine Alumni Relations office at, 206.685.1875 or toll free 1.866.633.2586.




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