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James Dalen, M.D. ’61, was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts in June 2013. One of the founding faculty, he established the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. After serving as the chair of cardiovascular medicine, he was chair of the Department of Medicine from 1977 to 1988. Dalen is currently dean emeritus and professor emeritus of medicine and public health at the University of Arizona, where he teaches in the colleges of medicine and public health. He also serves as executive director of the Weil Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of medical education.

C. Gordon Strom, M.D. ’61, writes, “I’ve been a hospital surveyor for The Joint Commission for the past 16 years. My specialty is otolaryngology. U.S. Navy: 34 years.”

Fay Millett, M.D. ’62, writes, “I retired from orthopaedics eight years ago. I’m now bird-watching, gardening and woodworking. I have three children and four grandchildren and spend March in Phoenix for the Cactus League.”

James A. Mergolis, M.D. ’64, writes, “I continue to do clinical child psychiatry part-time. I’m teaching at the UC Davis School of Medicine and teach outdoor emergency care related to skiing.”

Gilbert A. Smith, M.D. ’64, writes, “I’m a retired OB-GYN of 26 years in Spokane, Wash. I am also retired from the U.S. Army.”

Raymond E. Vath, M.D. ’65, Res. ’69 (psychiatry and behavioral sciences), writes, “I am a retired emeritus associate professor and benefactor donor at the University of

Valerie Jorgenson, M.D. ’66, retired in 2011.

Philip Crichton, M.D. ’67, writes, “I’m still working full-time as a radiologist in Brunswick, Maine. I am finding time for some interesting trips to different parts of the globe.”

George Hess, M.D. ’68, writes, “Now fully retired and enjoying my grandkids and travel to visit family.”

Janice Tiller-Borcich, M.D. ’68, writes, “I am retired and enjoying my three grandchildren. I golf and travel a lot. I look forward to our 50th class reunion.”

Marilyn Ann Duncan, M.D. ’69, and Paul R. Duncan, M.D. ’69, write, “Paul retired from clinical medicine in January 2014, but will continue familial cancer
research. Marilyn retired and has become proficient, like Paul, in Model T Ford restoration.”

John A. Liebert, M.D., Res. ’69 (psychiatry and behavioral sciences), received the Percivall Pott Virtuous Surgeon Award from the medical faculty at McGill University.

Elizabeth P. Phillips, M.D. ’69, writes, “I continue to practice hematology/oncology in New Rochelle, N.Y., with a focus on breast cancer. Our wholefamily delights in our two toddler grandsons.”

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