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Scott Stuart, M.D.
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My colleagues and I spend a fair amount of time emphasizing the excellence of the UW School of Medicine. And rightly so.

It’s the top school in the country for primary care, for family medicine and for rural medicine. UW Medicine as a whole receives the second highest allotment of National Institutes of Health funding in the U.S. And knowing my fellow alumni and students as I do, I know our School creates talented, curious graduates who care about
other people.

All that is impressive. What’s also impressive is that our School is supported by both donors and the state. In fact, our state legislature has a long history of commitment to medical students from Washington — our future physicians — through investing in medical education at the UW School of Medicine. I want everyone who supports the School to know how grateful I am.

I’m proud that the UW School of Medicine provides a high-quality, cost-effective education. That said, a medical education is still a major investment. Students have two primary ways to finance their education: scholarships and loans. I know I benefited from the latter. It was particularly helpful that I had loans that didn’t start accruing interest until after I graduated.

Many other students benefit from donor-provided scholarships, financial aid that lessens their debt load and makes it easier for them to pursue their passion in medicine based on interest and fit, rather than on financial considerations.

As ever, I encourage fellow alumni to participate in programs that help our students — see the contact information below. And, next time you see a legislator, donor or citizen of Washington, please consider saying “thanks.”

Scott Stuart, M.D. ’01, Res. ’04, Chief Res. ’05
President, UW School of Medicine Alumni Association

P.S. For more information, visit uwmedalumni.org or contact our alumni relations staff at 206.685.1875, toll free at 1.866.633.2586, or medalum@uw.edu.

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