The Rain in Spain…

Hola Todos, I have been in Spain for just over a month now, and the weather here in Granada has been about the same since I arrived. Most days are filled with beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine. Within the last week or so the country.jpgtemperature has begun to fall. When I first arrived, coming off summer, the temperatures during the day were around low to mid 30’s Celsius, which is about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Now the temperatures have been in the low 20’s C (70 F) during the day and about 5 C at night (low 40s F). Generally the days are still sunny though, even with lower temperatures. It has rained a few days since I’ve been here (in fact it’s raining right now). It seems like for every week or two of beautiful sun, we get one day of torrential downpours and thunder and lightning. Yesterday a friend and I went to visit some pueblos in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. When we started the day, the weather was sunny and a comfortable temperature (probably in the 60’s F). However, as the day went on, a thick fog rolled into the hills and the temperature dropped substantially. It rained for about five minutes, and then the sun began to peak through the clouds a bit. Overall the weather here in Granada has been quite enjoyable and comfortable.

The weather is nice, but I really miss the natural environment of Seattle and the Puget Sound area. Within the city itself, there are some trees and beautiful plazas with fountains, but there are not really any nice parks. There is hardly any grass, and in general the city is not very green at all. Even the surrounding hills are covered with rocks, shrubs and yellow grass. I also miss the water in Seattle. Supposedly Granada is built on the crossing of two rivers: the Rio Genil and the Rio Darro. I live two blocks from the Rio Genil. It is a small river that runs through what looks like a man made canal. And the river is brown. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a brown river in real life. It doesn’t look very inviting or refreshing. The other river; the Rio Darro looks more like a creek than an actual river. Perhaps it’s just a dry time of year since I am here at the end of summer/beginning of fall. I’m sure that these rivers are bigger in the spring months. But so far, I havetrickle.jpg not been very impressed. I guess there’s a reason why Granada is known for its history and the Alhambra, and not known for its natural beauty. There are places of natural beauty very near Granada though. The Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean Sea are both just an hour away. Adjusting to the different environment and nature of a new area is actually a very difficult thing to cope with, especially for someone who comes from a place like Seattle.


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