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Students at the University of Washington School of Medicine travel the five-state WWAMI region to complete required clerkship rotations (including the WRITE program), and travel nationally to attend various student and professional conferences. The School is pleased to offer financial assistance to help offset some of the associated travel costs. This site provides information on when the School can provide financial assistance, and procedures for accessing these funds.

Clinical Clerkship, WRITE, and Preceptorship Travel Expectations

An important benefit of medical education at the University of Washington is the opportunity to engage in clinical clerkships at sites located throughout the WWAMI region. It is expected that medical students will attend at least 24 weeks of "away" required third year clerkships outside of Seattle during their third year of medical school. An "away" required clerkship is defined as any clerkship outside the Seattle metropolitan area. The third year required clerkship rotations are Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Surgery. The fourth year required clerkship rotations are Neurology, Chronic Care, and Emergency Medicine.

The School of Medicine is only able to provide travel funding support to required clerkship rotations that are outside the Seattle metropolitan area. Unfortunately, there is no financial support to support travel for preceptorships, electives, and surgery selectives. There is also no funding available to support commuting within the Greater Puget Sound area. Many clinical rotations, both in and outside the Seattle metropolitan area, require students to provide their own transportation between multiple clinical sites, between didactic teaching sites and clinical training sites, and between housing and clinical facilities. Medical students must take the initiative to understand all site transportation requirements before the clerkship or preceptorship begins.

Medical students are responsible for all travel-related expenses once they arrive at their "away" required clerkship or WRITE site. Some clerkship sites can provide vehicles, shuttle services, or other forms of transportation, while other sites provide limited or no transportation. Students should generally expect to provide their own transportation. It is the student's responsibility to understand expectations for travel while at the clerkship site and make appropriate plans before the clerkship begins (many clerkships have the expectation that students will travel between multiple clinical sites as well as between didactic teaching sites and clinical training sites for weekly required didactic/lecture sessions during the course of the clerkships, as well as between housing and clinical sites). Students need to be flexible with carpools, local and regional transportation options, bikes, etc., and be prepared to accept any costs related to "local commute" requirements, including providing their own vehicle. Detailed information on clerkship site transportation requirements can be found in the Curriculum Catalogue. Students should contact the required clerkship department or WWAMI training site to follow-up on any specific travel-related questions.

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  • The WRITE program, for the purposes of student travel, is treated the same way as any other WWAMI required clerkship travel. Students will be reimbursed for travel to their WRITE site, or the School will purchase airfare to fly students to WRITE sites in Alaska. Alaska-site WRITE students who wish to ship a personal vehicle for Alaska for the duration of the WRITE program should contact gowwami@uw.edu for details, as the Washington State laws that control what we're allowed to do in this regard are subject to change.




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