Student Conference Travel Award


The purpose of the Student Conference Travel Award is to provide support to medical students to attend a regional, national, or international conference. This support aims to help students pursue various extracurricular opportunities and to present their original work, including research, or represent the UWSOM at meetings, workshops, and conferences. The travel award is intended to enhance medical education, foster professional development, and showcase the extensive research efforts of UWSOM students to the greater medical community. Any School of Medicine student in good academic standing may apply for the award, including students who are on a leave of absence.


The distribution of the money is determined by Seattle MSA leaders. The distribution of funds depends on the amount of funds available, the number of applications received, the amount of money being requested, and the purpose of the students' attendance at the conferences. The MSA works diligently to maximize the funds to cover as many students as possible while still making the award large enough to be helpful.

Students are encouraged to seek additional travel funding from departments, advisors, or other outside sources such as:


Awarded recipients will receive monetary support (through a reimbursement) to attend a regional, national, or international meeting, workshop, or conference. The award may go towards either transportation (e.g. gas or airfare) or towards the conference registration fee. The award cannot be used to cover accommodations, food, parking, or other supplementary expenses. It also cannot be used to fund travel to conduct research.


Can I receive 2 travel awards in the same academic year?
No. Students can only receive one award within the same academic year (see next question for an exception).

Can I submit 2 applications for 2 different conferences in the same application cycle, in hopes that one would be funded?
No, students can only submit 1 application per round. If the conference is not funded in round 1 (September), a student can submit a second application in round 2 (February).

I received a travel award but I couldn't attend the conference - what happens?
In this case, you cannot keep the award money for a future conference. Money can only be reimbursed for the conference to which you applied. However, students in this situation CAN apply in the next application cycle even if it's within the same academic year.

I didn't use all my funds (e.g. I got a cheaper flight than expected) - what happens to the leftover money?
The money you don't need will go back into the common "pot" of money to be distributed to other students who need it.


 Academic Year  Application Window  Application Due Date 
 2019-2020 August 1 - August 31  August 31, 2019 - 5:00PM 
 2019-2020 January 1 - January 31  January 31, 2020 - 5:00PM 

Look for e-mail announcements during the application window. Final notices will go out to all students who submit an application within 2 and a half weeks from the due date.


All submissions must be submitted electronically by clicking on the below link and completing the on-line application:


In the application survey, students will be asked about their reasons for attending the conference. By noting your reason(s) for attending the conference, the MSA will be able to determine how to best distribute the funds. In general, students who plan to present at a conference will be placed at a higher priority than students who are only attending the conference.


Notices will go out to students within 2 and a half weeks from the application's due date. Students will be notified whether or not they have been awarded a travel grant and will be told how much the award amount is.


If students receive a travel award, they can purchase their airfare ticket independently, save their receipt, and will get reimbursed for their airfare ticket in the amount for which they were awarded. The award notices will outline this process in more detail.