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What if we shut down?

This is the question on everybody's mind right now. It's no secret that at both the Federal and state levels, our legislators' inability to compromise on matters of basic governance, like creating a budget, is par for the course these days. We know that we'll pay some kind of price for their intransigence. But what does that mean, exactly? 

First Day on the Job

Hello world,

This is Chris Lizotte, the new President of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, logging in for the first time on the President's blog. Today, and for the next 364 days, I am committed to serving the graduate and professional students of the University of Washington. This blog will hopefully form one small aspect of that service - a tool for keeping students informed about vital issues that affect us all. 

Global Education Trends

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released its annual Education at a Glance report today, a 565-pager with statistics on a wide range of education topics, from early childhood to higher education.

It's findings are not terribly surprising. During the recession, those with college degrees were significantly less likely to be unemployed than those without and had significantly higher earning capacity, And the number of students choosing to earn their degree abroad has grown termendously.



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