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Debt-Ceiling Legislation Impacts to Graduate Students


Dear Fellow Graduate and Professional Students,

I am writing to inform you the recently passed Budget Control Act of 2011, more commonly known as the debt-ceiling legislation, will have a major negative financial impact on graduate and professional students.

Restoration of State Child Care Program a Significant Victory for GPSS


The state Higher Education Coordinating Board's (HECB) Child Care Matching Grant program, which provides financial aid for students with children across the state and was suspended in an earlier legislative session, has been restored to previous funding levels with the Legislature's passage of the state budget Wednesday night.

GPSS Concerns Cited on 'Inside Olympia'


With the imminent passage of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, a bill that grants universities tuition-setting authority, we are entering a new era in Washington higher education. There was an interesting discussion on the subject in "Inside Olympia," in which host Austin Jenkins referenced GPSS concerns several times.


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