Graduate and Professional Student Senate

Contact List

Access to phones is currently limited. Please use email for all inquiries until further notice.


Aaron Yared


(206) 543-8968 |

Winter Office Hours: Wed. 11AM-1PM; Fri. 1PM-3PM

Genevieve Hulley

Vice President of Internal Affairs

(206) 543-8760 |

Winter Office Hours: Tues. 1:30PM-5:30PM; Thurs. 11AM-3PM

Hannah Sieben

Vice President of External Affairs

(206) 543-8760 |

Winter Office Hours: None (WA Legislature in Session)

Logan C. Jarrell


(206) 543-8988 |

Winter Office Hours: Tues. 9AM-11:30AM and 1:00PM-3:30PM; Thurs. 9AM-11:30AM

Julia Overfelt


(206) 543-7024 |

Winter Office Hours:



Gina Rome

Administrative Specialist

Jennifer Emmett

Events Director

Andy Madrick

Creative Director

Janis Shin

Senate Clerk

Ashlee Abrantes

Director of University Affairs

Shysta Pandey

Communications Director

Payton Swinford

Policy Director

Stephen Lee

Budget Specialist

Abbie Shew

Organizing Director