GPSS is governed by a Constitution and Bylaws. The Constitution establishes the GPSS and sets down high level rules of operation. Amendments to the Constitution require the approval of two-thirds of the Senate.


The Bylaws expound on the Constitution by setting out detailed rules of operation, but is subservant to the Constitution if they are in conflict.  Amendments to the Bylaws require the approval of a majority of the Senate.

Final Officer Reports


The GPSS Executive Committee:

  • Takes specific actions to address the issues and concerns identified by the Senate
  • Reviews and recommends an annual budget to the Senate for the following fiscal year
  • Annually approves, by a 2/3 majority, special and departmental funding guidelines and criteria to be used by the Finance and Budget Committee
  • Approves presidential recommendations and appointments to the Services and Activities Fee Committee, Student Technology Fee Committee, GPSS Finance and Budget Committee, University Bookstore Board of Trustees, and SAGE
  • Acts on behalf of the Senate between Senate meetings

Members: President, Vice President, Secreary, Treasurer, four Executive Senators, and an ASUW Board of Directors member.  

Meetings: at least twice a month, fall through spring terms, and at least monthly during summer

Executive Committee Members, 2012-13:

  • President: Adam Sherman
  • Vice President: Melanie Mayock
  • Secretary: Kristen Hosey
  • Treasurer: Vera Eve Giampietro
  • Executive Senator: Larry Huang (Health Services)
  • Executive Senator: Trond Nilsen (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
  • Executive Senator: Chris Lizotte (Geography)
  • Executive Senator: Evan Firth (Oceanography)
  • ASUW Board of Directors member: Michael Kutz

Contact Information: Adam Sherman, 2012-2013 GPSS President: gpsspres@uw.edu

2012-2013 Meeting Dates:

Fall Quarter:

Winter Quarter:

Spring Quarter:

Time & Location: All meeting will be held in HUB 303 at 5:30 pm.

2012-2013 Senate Meetings:

Time:  All meetings start at 5:30 pm.  Meetings generally last 1.5 hours.
Location: HUB 145