2012 Science and Policy Summit

Spring 2012 Program:

DAY 1: TED-UW Competition

A series of 5 to 10 presentations on topics ranging from environmental conservation
and stewardship of natural resources to the effect of advances in the fields of
genomics and the built environment on the public health.
A prize for the best presentation will be awarded at a happy hour following the
event that will bring together students and faculty from disparate fields in an
informal setting.

Click here to watch the TED-style talks from the 2012 Summit online!

DAY 2: Science and Policy Summit

Panel 1 - Science in Presidential Campaigns: How does leadership factor as a
barrier to turning good research into good policy? What impact would it have
if we held our Presidential candidates to account on the evidence-base for their
respective policy proposals?

Click here to watch Panel 1 videos.

Panel 2 - Preventive Medicine & Health Promotion: A talk modelled after the
ICONOCLASTS documentaries bringing together two researchers studying the
social determinants of health and the P4MI model of medicine that will use the
predictive power of bioinformatics to revolutionize preventive medicine.
Poster Competition: One of last year’s most popular events, a poster competition
presenting the research of some of UW’s most promising graduate students.

Click here to watch Panel 2 videos.

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