2013 DAWG Talks

2013 DAWG Talks Videos

Below are video recordings of the TED-style talks given by UW grad students and faculty as a part of the 2013 Science and Policy Summit. The 2013 DAWG Talks were held in the Burke Room at the Burke Museum on April 30th, 2013.


“A snowball's chance: How could photosynthetic life survive the snowball earth?”  
by Adam Campbell, Earth and Space Sciences
"No democracy without poetry”
by Arendt Oak Speser, English
"Why so few women in science? Myths and facts about gender bias in STEM fields"
by Alice Popejoy, Public Health Genetics
"The case for preschool: A cost-benefit analysis of socialemotional development in young children"
by Kevin Cummings, Education
"Developing a sustainable hip service in Cambodia."
by Jacquelyn Holt, Medicine
"How we talk when we know we're being listened to: The ethical and scientific problem of surreptitious recording"
by Rachael Tatman, Linguistics
“Organizing in the new economy”
by Christopher Lampkin, Lead Political Organizer
"SQWater: Atmospheric water resources in the slums of Lima, Peru"
by Vera Giampietro, Landscape Architecture