2013 Science and Policy Summit

     3rd Annual Science and Policy Summit

Fuel for the Future

Thursday, May 2, HUB Lyceum

Panel #1:  

Working Towards a Cure for HIV

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Dr. Keith Jerome - Department of Laboratory Medicine, UW

Dr. Joachim G. Voss - Behavioral Nursing and Health Systems

Dr. Grace John-Stewart - School of Public Health, UW

Moderated by: Lianna Wood


Panel #2

Advances and Hurdles for Renewable Energy

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David S. Ginger - Chemistry Department

Brian C. Fabien - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mohamed El-Sharkawi - Department of Elelctrical Engineering

Mike O'Brien - Seattle City Council Member

Wayne Morter - Seattle City Light

Moderated by: Brian C. Fabien - Department of Mechanical Engineering


Panel #3

DNA Base Pairs to Baby Bedsides

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Dr. Benjamin S. Wilfond - Department of Pediatrics

Dr. LaVone SimmonsDepartment of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser C.G.C.Prenatal Diagnosis Clinic

Moderated by: Keolu Fox


Science Communication

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Alice Popejoy