Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee

Functions of the Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee

The Academic and Administrative Committee (AAC) ensures that policies related to the core academic and research mission of the University are in line with GPSS priorities.  The committee is charged with monitoring and participating in the University’s budgeting process through all appropriate channels.

The AAC shall:

  • Pursue GPSS policy proposals and positions through relevant external committees, work groups, and council as determined by the UAC or the Executive Committee 
  • Craft policy proposals and positions on issues related to faculty, academic, administrative, or research affairs
  • Initiate and maintain relations with campus constituencies and organizations
  • Monitor and coordinate the efforts of GPSS appointees on relevant external committees
  • Solicit volunteers for University Committees and Councils


Twice per month to once per week, depending on work load.
Time & Location: 


The President, between five and nine graduate and professional students, and a chair elected by the members of the committee.

Committee Members, 2015-2016:


Contact Information

To join the AAC or for more information, please contact Alex Bolton:

If you are looking to become a member, please also fill out this application and attach it to your email.