Diversity Committee

Functions of the Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee (DC) promotes the inclusion and involvement of all graduate and professional students at UW-Seattle, and awareness and understanding of the diversity of students in graduate   higher education. The DC also works to incorporate diversity elements into GPSS’s goals and activities. Diversity includes but is not limited to considerations of: race, ethnicity, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, Veteran status, socio-economic status, and ability. 

The DC:
  • Establishes communication links with graduate and professional students working with diversity issues within their department, college, or school
  • Advocates for department and University policies to recruit and retain a more diverse graduate and professional student body and faculty
  • Establishes criteria for an award grants from the GPSS Diversity Fund
  • Collaborates with students, faculty, the administration, staff, or others on diversity programming, events, or activities.
  • Interfaces with University organizations and offices working on diversity issues, including but not limited to: GO-MAP, the Q Center, the Disability Resources for Students Office, the Women’s Center, the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, the Office of Minority Affairs Student Advisory Board, and the ASUW Joint Commissions. 


Minimum of twice per quarter, depending on work load.

Next meeting: November 17, 2015

Diversity Forums

The GPSS Diversity Committee hosts discussions about diversity at the UW throughout the year. These are brownbag lunches, and are open to any students, faculty and staff that are working on diversity efforts at the UW.  This is a great opportunity to have a conversation about diversity among the graduate school student body and share best practices.


 The Secretary, between five to nine graduate or professional students, and a chair elected by the members of the committee.

Committee Members, 2015-2016:

Soh Yeun (Elloise) Kim (GPSS Secretary, English, Chair)
Sara Al Mughairy (Human-Computer Interaction & Design, Vice-Chair)
Brian Tracey (Marine & Environmental Affairs, Vice-Chair)
Shuxian Chen (Economics)
Gwen Jackson (College of Medicine, MEDEX)
Stephanie Kiracofe (Rehabilitation)
Randy Siebert (International Studies)
Michelle Morado-Peters (Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies)
Ada Onyewuenyi (Education)
Shaoxuan Shi (Nursing)
Elena Swartz (Evans School)
Philip Hunt (SAO Adviser)


Contact Information

To apply for this committee, fill out the application and email it to the committee chair.
GPSS Secretary Elloise Kim: gpsssec@uw.edu

Diversity Resources

We are currently collecting information about groups on campus working on diversity.  You can find a list of groups here, and if you know of others please contact the GPSS Secretary with that information. 

Past Diversity Forums

Click here for the presentation from our most recent forum: Race and the Legacy of Dr. King, which took place on Febraury 1st from 12pm-1pm in HUB 332.

Click here for information on other past forums.