Elections Committee

Functions of the Elections Committee

The GPSS Elections Committee adopts the Election Rules in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws and produces an Elections Packet. The Committee chair submits the Election Packet containing the Elections Rules to the GPSS for approval at least two months before the election. The Committee may terminate an individual's candidacy for violations of the GPSS Elections Rules.

The Elections Committee is composed of at least four at-large Senators in good standing. The members of the committee determine a Chair. Members cannot be current GPSS Officers, Executive Committee Members, or candidates for office. Committee members are appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Committee; the term of appointment is one academic year. Committee members who decide they want to run for Office must resign from the Elections Committee at least 35 days before the Elections meeting by submitting a written resignation to the GPSS President and other Elections Committee members.


Varies, depending on time of year.


Four Senators, including one elected chair.

Committee Members, 2015-2016:


Contact Information

To apply for this committee, fill out the application and email it to gpss@uw.edu