Executive Committee

Functions of the GPSS Executive Committee

  • Takes specific actions to address the issues and concerns identified by the Senate
  • Reviews and recommends an annual budget to the Senate for the following fiscal year
  • Annually approves, by a 2/3 majority, special and departmental funding guidelines and criteria to be used by the Finance and Budget Committee
  • Approves presidential recommendations and appointments to the Services and Activities Fee Committee, Student Technology Fee Committee, GPSS Finance and Budget Committee, University Bookstore Board of Trustees, and SAGE 
  • Acts on behalf of the Senate between Senate meetings


At least twice a month, fall through spring terms, and at least monthly during summer

Agendas and Minutes for these meetings can be found here.


President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, four Executive Senators, and an ASUW Board of Directors member.  

Committee Members, 2013-2014:

  • President: Alice Popejoy (Public Health Genetics)
  • Vice President: Alex Bolton (Law)
  • Secretary: Natalie Gordon (Evans School of Public Affairs/Jackson School of International Studies)
  • Treasurer: Douglass Taber (Evans School of Public Affairs)
  • Executive Senator: Evan Firth (Oceanography)
  • Executive Senator: Soh Yun (Elloise) Kim (English)
  • Executive Senator: Yasmeen Hussain (Biology)
  • Executive Senator: Eddie Schweiterman (Astronomy)
  • ASUW Board of Directors member: Amber Amin

Contact Information

Alex Bolton, 2015-2016 GPSS President: gpsspres@uw.edu